Just like a puppy

It's always fun to see sea lions come out and swim around you. They are like puppies. They follow you, play with each other and swim in circles around you. Sometimes they pause as if they are posing for you, but when you get your camera ready they quickly swim off. Just like a puppy!

Beauty on the Surface

Diving is not just about the depth and seeing what's under the water. It's also about appreciating and enjoying the beauty of the water surface and the surroundings.

Lacework on Kelp Blades

Kelp forest is a very pleasant place for your safety stop. Floating among the kelp with sunlight filtering in through the canopy is an exquisite experience. Sometimes you spot a giant kelpfish, but on this dive I spotted some nudibranch eggs.

California State Marine Fish

California's state marine fish, #garibaldi, is bright orange and almost looks like a gigantic goldfish, but they are not timid. These fish are very territorial and very protective of their nest. If you get too close they will chase you off.

Do you see it?

Do you see an octopus in this picture? Such amazing ability to camouflage. They can blend into the surroundings in an instant. If you take your eyes off  of it for a second it can be difficult to find it again.