What a View

I will admit... the water is still a bit cold, but what's a little bit of chills when a view like this is waiting for you?

Underwater Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was astonished by the size of these soft coral in Forgotten Islands. The whole reef was teeming with fish. Such beautiful colors.


I guess it's like a feeding frenzy... when a group photographers find some thing of interest and gather around. In this case, the object of interest is a blue ring octpus! The poor little guy must feel totally freaked out from all the strobes and lights descending upon him from the heavens.

My Rare Selfie

I rarely take selfies...almost none, but these kids were just so cute that I wanted to be in the picture with them. I want to adpot them with my wife :). After the dive I went back to see them with my speedo goggles as my love gift.

We Have Our School

Swimming with a school of fish, California style. We don't have school of colorful reef fish or huge school of trevally, but we do see large school of silversides.