One More Look

Another look at the dense, swirling school of black trevalley (Caranx lugubris) at Roca Partida, Mexico.

Swarm of Fish

We saw this swarm of black trevalley (Caranx lugubris) dancing in the huge swell around this lone offshore rock. We enjoyed some amazing dives at Roca Partida, Mexico.

Beautiful Coral Reef

More Coral and Fish

One more picture of the beautiful coral reef with countless reef fish at Forgotten Islands. Such an amazing dive.

Coral, Fish, Coral, Fish...

Coral, fish, coral, fish… I found myself in this endless, amazing garden. The current was up and the fish had come out to feed. Floating in the middle of all this, with the soft morning sun filtering in through the water, I felt like I was in heaven. Definitely one of the best dive in my life! Forgotten Islands, Indonesia