Smile for the Camera!

During a village visit at Forgotten Islands I saw this cute girl sitting on a canoe. She smiled and posed for me.

Nudi Glam Shot

This amazing shot of Hypselodoris apolegma was taken by Jose A. Castellano at Forgotten Islands, Indonesia. These beautiful purple nudibranchs are found in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific Ocean.

Spying on Fish at Cortes Bank

One more picture from the Cortes Bank trip. It was simply amazing to dive the pristine reef populated by so many fish. Only a small number of divers get to enjoy sights like this.

Hello, State Fish!

Say hello to garibaldi, the state marine fish of California. We had great visibility at Cortes Bank, and the bright orange color of these fish was stunning against the clear blue of the water.


After trying for years, we finally made it out to the Cortes Bank! We had such nice conditions - water was warm and calm, and the visibility was great. Thank you @horizoncharters for such a wonderful dive trip!