Tropical Sunset

Just another beautiful day at sea. We need to take the time to relax and appreciate quiet moment like this. 

All Smiles and Full of Curiosity

During most of our travels in the remote regions of the South Pacific, we are often visited by kids and moms who row out from the village in their canoes. They bring lots of smiles and curiosity with them. They also bring fresh produce - organically grown in their garden!

Dive Trip Report 3/10/19 - by Andy Rios

We made it! It has been some time since I have been to the beautiful Santa Barbara Island, and it did not disappoint. The sea lions were in abundance and as playful as they could be. 

We departed from Ventura Harbor aboard the famous Peace Dive Boat. The conditions were in our favor as we headed towards the small island. As we arrived at Santa Barbara Island, a beautiful clear sunny sky greeted us.

We set anchor at our first dive site, Arch Point, and right away we could see some sea lions swimming gracefully towards our boat waiting for our divers to get in the water. As I descended deeper into the blue water, I came across a beautiful shelf formation where I could find eels, red rock shrimp, scallops, urchins, and more residing along. Further along, I found a shallow ravine where we played in the surge with sheephead and calico bass dancing along. 

Our second dive was set at Sutil Island, an impressive rock towards the southwest part of the island. The cobble stone bottom was full of life with kelp reaching towards the surface. Along the kelp was blacksmith, halfmoon perch, and opal eyes schooling in a dense aggregation. Toward the end of the dive I spotted a harbor seal darting along. It was a treat to see the elusive creature. 

The third dive was on the southern end of the island, at a spot called Cat Canyon. Once the boat had slowed down to set the anchor, a group of curious sea lions came to greet us and waited anxiously as we prepared to get in the water. As I descended, I noticed that same group was following along, swimming gracefully around the divers and mimicking our bubbles. The sea lions were doing somersaults, back flips, twirls, and a couple of them nibbled on my camera strobe. A few were playing with a loose kelp frond, passing it along to each other. Once in a while, one would slowly cruise down and rest on the bottom to observe us, as if wondering what kind of strange creature we were, giving a perfect photo opportunity. Further through the site, we found a beautiful wall formation with ledges and shelves along the way where we found giant male sheepheads patrolling their territory.

The Peace crew did an awesome job making sure that all the divers were safe, having fun, and most importantly, keeping our bellies full. It was great to catch up with the crew and joke around with them throughout the day. 

Overall, I couldn't ask for a more perfect day at Santa Barbara Island aboard the Peace. 

April 6, 2019 - Intro to Underwater Photography Seminar

How to optimize Your Compact Camera (TG-5, GoPro, SeaLife, and more)

You want to know how to adjust your camera's settings to take pictures underwater, but don't know where to begin... 

If this sounds like you, we have what you have been looking for. An introductory course where you can learn how to take amazing pictures of your underwater adventures!! Hosted by our resident pro photographer, Mike Brock, this course is designed to help you to better understand your camera’s settings, it’s various menus, and how to best adjust and optimize those settings to vastly improve your results. The course has three parts: classroom session, pool workshop, and openwater workshop. You can sign up for each session individually, or sign up for all three. 

Check our Dive Courses & Seminars page for details, and call us at 626-287-6283 to sign up. 

Scheduled Sessions
April 6 (Sat): Classroom Session (1pm - 4pm)
April 20 (Sat): Pool Workshop (8am - 11am)
June 1 (Sat): Openwater Workshop (West Santa Cruz Island)

Check out Mike's amazing photographs here:

Never Enough Attention

This wild dolphin just loved all the attention he was getting. He stayed around us for over 5 minutes and let us pet him and hug him. He stayed until he needed to go up for air.