My beautiful and very obliging underwater model let me practice the sunburst shot with slave strobe lighting up her face. It is a very difficult shot. 1) I need to orient myself so that her body is blocking the sun, but the sun ray is visible around her. 2) The angle of the slave strobe must be perfect - it needs to be angled so that it is triggered by my strobe, but at the same time it needs to light the subject. I think it took over 10 shots to make it work… and, yes, she is holding her breath for the shot. You can see in her expression that she is losing her patience… lol

Show Off!

The sea lions like to show off their agility. They probably think scuba divers are so clumsy!

Fish or Confetti?

Is this fish or confetti? Just look at how dense this school of reef fish is. It’s practically a wall of fish!

Out for a Stroll

A pair of divers and a pair of garibaldi enjoying a nice “stroll” through the kelp forest of Santa Barbara Island. Not too long ago the reef around the island was covered with purple sea urchins and the giant kelp forest had all but vanished. Thankfully, we have seen the return of the majestic kelp forest around the Channel Islands in the last couple of years. Come join us on one of our trips to Santa Barbara Island. We only have a few more trips to this beautiful island planned this year. Check our trip schedule!

Here We Go Again!

Last time we made it to Begg Rock was the fall of 2017. Only a handful of divers make it out there each year so the area is pristine and full of life. Every inch of the reef in the area was covered with different types of sea anemone and other marine invertebrates. There were also so many fish. We are heading there again on August 24-25.