Something you see more often in the tropics than in Southern California. A full rainbow when you come up from a dive! 

Hide and Seek

Hippocampus bargibanti (Bargibant's seahorse, pygmy seahorse) is a seahorse found in the central Indo-Pacific region. It is known to be found only on gorgonian coral. The body is covered with bulbous tubercles that matches the shape and color of the gorgonian polyps, and the body matches the gorgonian stems. It is difficult to find without the help of a guide because of its tiny size and its ability to blend in with the gorgonian it inhabits. 

What Are They?

This was from a few years ago. After a dive we noticed balls of reddish something just below the surface of the water. I grabbed my gear and camera and jumped in. They were balls of #krill!

Feel the Stress Melt Away

Diving in the kelp forest around the Chamnel Islands is quite a magical experience. It feels like you are gliding through a rainforest. It is so peaceful and beautiful that you can almost feel the stress of daily life melting away.

Sunny Day in California

After a day of diving at San Clemente Island, we have several hours to unwind before we get back to the harbor. A lot of times the sea gulls follow us (they probably think we are on a fishing boat). Diving in the morning and enjoying the boat ride in the afternoon. It is a nice way to spend a nice sunny California day.