Pink Soft Coral

We found a nice picture spot. A hole in a reef with beautiful soft corals and hydroids in Fiji. A young Ocean Safari admires at the delicate translucency of the pink soft coral.

A Spectacular Dive Day in California

Diving condition in California is usually tough. The water is cold, the current is often pretty strong, and we are happy if we have 30-40 feet visibility. But we keep diving here because every once in a while we are rewarded for our efforts with a spectacular sight like this. The water was cold as usual, but it was clear blue (100 feet visibility!) We were in the middle of a very healthy giant kelp forest with a school of silversides swimming through it with us.

Diver Chain Challenge

Place: Grand Central Station at Bligh Water, Fiji. The challenge: break the record of 6 diver daisy chain from what’s left of the marker pole on the reef called Kansas. Ocean Safari divers accepted the challenge! The current was ripping, and it was a lot harder than we thought to keep our hold on each other, but we got 7 divers in the chain!

Special Treat for California Divers

The sunlight filtering in through the amber canopy of the kelp forest. This majestic and mysterious sight is a special treat reserved only for those divers who are willing to put on the 7mm wetsuit or dry suit and jump into the cold California water. A chance to swim through a dense forest of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) when the lighting is just right is one of the reasons why many of us keep diving here.

Kaleidoscope of Color

Seamount and reef covered with colorful soft coral and sponges in clear blue water. This is a good example of what a diver sees at Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This remote area is underwater photographer’s heaven. The wide-angle photographers enjoy the colorful reef and large schools of fish while the abundance of small creatures keep the macro photographers busy. Of course you don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy Raja Ampat. The view is stunning and diving is very dynamic.