Alone Time in Iceland

Everyone needs some alone time sometimes. Why is there a toilet and a shower in the middle of nowhere in the snow field of Iceland? Who knows. All I know is it was there, and one of our team leader decided it was a perfect place and time to code brown and contemplate life after an ice dive.

Just Swimming Around the Banda Sea

Hello, Mr. Batfish. Yes, I was admiring your lovely reef. Nice landscaping with colorful corals, warm water, good visibility, and the sunny blue sky overhead. Longfin spadefish (Platax teira), also called teira batfish, is commonly found in the Indo-Pacific region. This image was taken in the Banda Sea.

Swimming with the Jellies

Jellyfish Lake in Palau - This is where you can swim with millions of golden jellyfish without worrying about being stung. The jellies have existed in this isolated marine lake for thousands of years, and this has caused them to almost completely lose their stinging ability. Snorkeling here is simply a magical and surreal experience. You quietly plunge into the still water and watch the countless jellyfish swim all around you. Pictures just don't do justice. You have to go there and experience this in person.

Napoleonfish Wants to Dive Together

This Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) wants to be this diver's buddy. You know, he might make a good buddy. He is a good swimmer, very well streamlined, knows the dive site well, easy to spot thanks to the iridescent blue color... Hmm, on second thought, maybe not... Since he doesn't need to think about bottom time, depth limit, or air consumption, he wouldn't want to come up with you. Never mind...

San Miguel of Fiji!

Diving the Bligh Waters of Fiji is a different experience than the usual Fiji diving. The water is a little colder and the current is stronger, but the sights you encounter is simply breathtaking. The offshore atolls of Fiji are completely covered with soft and hard corals, sea anemones, and tunicates. All around these colorful pinnacles, you see a dense swarm of red, pink, orange, and yellow anthias (those colorful goldfish-like reef fish) just like in this picture. After a few dives we said to each other, "This is like San Miguel of Fiji!" This comment will make sense to the hard-core California divers!