Enjoy Rest and Relaxation at Land Based Resorts

Diving at a land based resort offers a kind of rest and relaxation different from what you would find on a liveaboard. Enjoy serene beaches and observe exotic wildlife from the comfort of your hotel room. Join us on our next eco diving adventure to Bonaire in the Caribbean.

Giant White Anemone - British Columbia Diving

An Ocean Safari diver explores the temperate waters of British Columbia, gliding over a seascape blanketed with giant white plume anemone (Metridium giganteum). Join us when we return to this amazing location in 2016!

Cortez Bank/Begg Rock/San Nicholas/Talocot Shal - The Ultimate California Dive Adventure!

Join Ocean Safari on the most anticipated dive adventure of the year on October 15-17 to Cortez Bank, Begg Rock, San Nicholas Island, and Talacot Shal at Santa Rosa Island for the most pristine and untouched diving that the Channel Islands has to offer.  We will leave from Santa Barbra Harbor aboard the Truth Aquatics Vision and shoot all the way out to Cortez Bank, 100 nautical miles off shore. Enter into the wild, wild, west of Southern California diving and plunge into crystal clear water carpeted in giant purple hydrocoral and home to rare pelagic fish.  Enjoy your surface interval aboard the most comfortable liveaboard in Southern California, at the best time of the year to visit these amazing sites. Relax in the galley or on the sundeck for your surface interval after each spectacular dive. Bring your flashlight and light up these brilliant dive sites at night. Take your spear gun and cook your fresh catch on the Vision’s BBQ. Pack your camera and let this enchanting location amaze you with unique and exciting marine life. Descend with your game back at the ultimate lobster locations to bring home a big catch for your family and friends. If you think you know Channel Islands diving, this is a trip you will never forget. Escape to these difficult to reach dive sites that only a handful of proud divers will get to experience. Call the shop and reserve your spot today!

Who would you take to Komodo?

Photo by Gabriel Lu

Photo by Gabriel Lu

Boasting some of the highest diversity on earth, Komodo National Park located within Indonesia’s Coral Triangle, offers a variety of thrilling dive sites. Tag a friend who wants to dive Komodo!

Wild, Wild, West! Santa Rosa Island - Two Day Dive and Hike or Dive, Dive, Dive!

Photo by Channel Islands National Park

Photo by Channel Islands National Park

Venture into the thrilling territory with Ocean Safari for a two day trip to Santa Rosa Island on August 28-29. Enjoy one day of diving and a private guided hike on the island, or two days of endless diving. Explore stunning underwater pinnacles and sheer cliffs. Glide through lush kelp beds. Bring your flashlight and giant stride off the boat before dawn breaks to experience the bioluminescent seascape at night. With a high central mountain range, plunging cliff faces, and sandy beaches, Santa Rose Island supports a diverse array of plant and animal species including island foxes and bald eagles. Discover the islands rich paleontological and archeological resources like relics of the native tribe that once inhabited Santa Rosa Island. Walk the same ground that was once home to miniature mammoths; the fossil skeleton discovered on Santa Rosa Island in 1994 is the worlds most complete. Take the opportunity to see a side of the Channel Islands that few ever experience. One of the most exciting trips of the year is filling up fast so join us for a dive vacation you will never forget. Just a few spots remain! Call the shop for more details.