Diving the Temperate Waters of British Columbia

Photo by Gabriel Lu

Photo by Gabriel Lu

It takes a certain breed of diver to venture into temperate waters. Conditions require more extensive exposure suits and top notch buoyancy control, encouraging motivated divers to strive for superb skill. The Ocean Safari Dive Team, proud to be a part of this prestigious class of divers, had the chance to see firsthand what the cold waters of British Columbia have to offer. A phenomenal abundance of marine life in greater diversity on this single underwater rock formation than that of tropical coral reefs. Are you up to the challenge? Join us for your eco diving expedition to British Columbia!

Relaxing on the Ice

The Ocean Safari Dive team takes a break, relaxing with cold beer after a day of ice diving

Fun, Friends, and Diving!

A group of happy divers enjoy fantastic conditions at Anacapa Island aboard the Explorer dive boat in sunny Southern California.

OSDT Full Face Mask Demo and Training Day 6/22/15

OSDT Full Face Mask Demo and Training Day


We will be holding two sessions on Jun 22 for divers to try out the new Ocean Reef full face mask and underwater communication system


Norman S. Johnson pool in Arcadia (find directions at www.oceansafariscuba.com)
Monnday Jun 22

First session will be from 7:00-8:00pm

Second session from 8:00-9:00pm

We will provide tanks, weights, full face mask and underwater communication system, please bring your skin diving equipment as well as BC, Regulator

Limited to 6 people per session, so call us to sign up ASAP
Cost: $25

See you there!

By-the-wind Sailor

Photo by Gabriel Lu

Photo by Gabriel Lu

The Ocean Safari Dive Team encountered several by-the-wind sailors during a Catalina Island boat trip. Warmer surface temperatures and strong winds greatly influence the course of these free floating jellies.