Aqua skills for scuba diving and fitness

Course Options and Objectives

Beginner Private Sessions

There is nothing more essential than careful instruction in the early stages of developing natural water skills and reflexes.  Private instruction from some of the best swimmers is indeed suited for any level of swimmer.  Modeled to provide students with the precise level of instruction they need, this program gives novices the ability to survive in the water without the assistance of scuba equipment.  For more advanced learners, it focuses on individual swimming necessities to produce and refine expert skills.


Results are (but not limited to):  Competence in floating, 15 yards minimum result of each of the four strokes (backstroke, elementary backstroke, front crawl, and breaststroke).


Intermediate Workshop

To provide our budding swimmers with all the care and attention they need to develop and strengthen a variety of swimming skills, ultimately producing a competent and strong swimmer.


Results are (but not limited to):  25 yards minimum of each of the four strokes.


Advanced Workshop

To ensure our advanced swimmer never stops pursuing their maximum potential, this weekly workshop fine-tunes any and all swimming skills on a regular basis.


Results are (but not limited to):  50 yards minimum of each of the four strokes, diving from the deck/block, flip turns, and open turns.


We provide

All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced swimming instructor

Facilities for all workshops, pool sessions



The Swimming Program is one of two lifestyle programs Ocean Safari Outdoors dedicates to its community on a weekly basis which combines skill-building and continuous conditioning with outdoors philosophy.  Further information is available upon inquiry.