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Underwater Photo Seminar with Andy Sallmon

Photography Class with World Famous Andy Sallmon 

1/28 - Lighting the Underwater World
2/25 - Shooting it All from Large to Small - Wide Angle Like a Pro
4/22 - Adobe Lightroom for the Underwater Photographer
6/10 - The Small World - Macro and Close Up Photography

Andrew Sallmon is an underwater photographer and writer specializing in images and stories about marine life, scuba diving and the marine environment. His work has been featured in numerous books, dive, photography and lifestyle magazines, on calendars and  posters, in dive and underwater photographic equipment catalogs and advertisements and has also been displayed in major aquariums and natural history museums throughout the U.S., including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Smithsonian Institute. You've most likely seen one or more of his underwater photographs in your favorite dive publication! 

Checkout his website:

Cost: $250.00 per seminar
 - 10% off for two seminars ($450 total)
 - 15% off for three seminars ($637.50 total)
 - 20% off for four seminars ($800.00 total)


Call Ocean Safari at 626-287-6283 for more details and to sign up!