Youth Aquatic & Outdoor Adventure Program

- To spark interest in youth for the outdoors
- Develop water confidence and ability to handle the ocean
- Master freediving skills and become certified skin diver
- Be introduced to biological concepts through hands on learning
- Identify poisonous plants, learn about medicinal plants
- Participate in an intro to scuba session
- Explore marine life of intertidal zone

Importance of bringing youth outdoors:
The recent generations of youth have had much less exposure to nature and playing outside than previous generations. Electronics are being introduced to children’s lives at an early age, replacing the practical outdoor learning experiences that older adults had when they were young. This lack of outdoor exposure has been dubbed “nature deficit disorder” (a term coined by author Richard Louv) and has been linked to issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, and obesity. Research has shown that spending time outdoors benefits such as improving mood and self-esteem, stimulating creativity and imagination, improving attention, memory, and reasoning skills (which can lead to better grades!), and developing social skills and emotional awareness. We believe that cultivating a connection with nature during the early years is essential for their well-being as well as enriching our society’s future leaders.

- Age 10-17
- Able to swim
- Healthy overall

Curriculum Includes (but not limited to):
- 1 Classroom orientation (2 hours)
- 4 Aquatic sessions (2 hours each)
- 1 Day boat trip
- 1 Hiking trip (3 hours)
- 1 Tidepool trip (3 hours)

We Provide:
- Skin diving certification
- Jr. Olympic sized, lifeguard staffed, heated pool
- Guiding and instruction for all aquatic and eco activities
- All pool and access fees
- Meals provided on field trips

Students are Responsible For:
- Personal skin diving equipment
- Wetsuit
- Boat trip fee