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Diver Name

Megumi Itoh

Occupation: Social Media Coordinator / Instructor / Illustrator
Location: Temple City, CA
Hometown: Temple City, CA

I started taking pictures as a way to remember what I saw during the dives. Since then, my obsession with the nudibranchs and other small marine animals led me to specializing in underwater macro photography.

Megumi's Underwater Photographs

January 6, 2014

Many people are surprised to see all the colors of the local California waters.

  • Flabellina Iodinea (Spanish Shawl)
at Santa Rosa Island
  • Flabellina Iodinea (Spanish Shawl)
at Farnsworth Bank
  • Simnia at Santa Cruz Island (9-14-14)
I have been looking for them all year!
  • another shot of the Yellowfin (or Orange) Fringehead
I saw an orange blob when I swam over a reef rock and knew I had to stop and look at it more carefully.