Ocean Safari Outdoors began as a small scuba boutique founded in 1993 by Gabriel Lu, operating from the heart of San Gabriel Valley.  It is now a full-service scuba-diving and outdoor activity center, and has never since the beginning strayed from the family-oriented and professional service it brings.

We at Ocean Safari Outdoors are committed to our roots, serving the community while tailoring to the individual.  These values are reflected in our constant pursuit for quality and maximum potential.  The growing team of explorers that is our community continues to inspire us.  And our gratitude for this family compels us to always exceed industry standards—utilizing passion, care, and safety.

As a one-stop shop, we pride ourselves on quality name-brand equipment and our in-house repair facility.  As a school, we pride ourselves on the depth of safety, knowledge, and skill, offering many options from underwater photography seminars to NAUI courses from beginner and instructor-trainer.  In pursuing the highest quality education possible, we pride ourselves on our training facility and professional staffing.

Divers here go beyond murky beach waters and Catalina front side to new discoveries in the vast diving playground that is the Channel Islands archipelago nearly every weekend out of the year.  As divers specializing in the best temperate-water diving in the world, we feel that it is also our responsibility to show the world the pleasures of local diving.  For those seeking to travel even further beyond the backyard, we also specialize in multiple exotic overseas destinations throughout the year.

From live-aboards to luxury resorts on the shores of Fiji and Raja Ampat; and from classrooms to our Channel Islands backyard, our mission serves to bring the world closer through exploration.  After all, this is where real adventures begin.