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Ocean Safari Outdoors is a full-service scuba diving training school and outdoor lifestyle center, serving the Los Angeles & San Gabriel Valley community since 1993. We provide services for all aspects of scuba diving and outdoor adventures, including education, certifications, brand name equipment sales, and specialized adventures to local and overseas destinations.  


As a dive center, we provide experiences and services for newcomers and seasoned divers alike.
Education: We teach scuba diving certification courses for everyone, from beginners to instructors. We routinely offer seminars of interest, such as photography, marine biology, hunting, equipment maintenance & repair, and diving first aid. Our seminars are taught by professionals in the field, i.e. underwater photographers whose images appear in National Geographic, professional marine biologists who work locally, and certified service technicians and instructors with years of experience (See: Dive Courses & Seminars).
Equipment: Our full time staff have worked in the profession for decades, and are extremely knowledgeable about the diving equipment on the market. We carry all the major brand names and stay up-to-date with new technology and gear. With our large selection of inventory to choose from, we spend one-on-one time to help you find the right gear, and we guarantee the lowest price. Our goal isn’t to sell you more equipment that you don’t need. Instead, we do our best to get you gear that provides the best comfort & fit while staying within your budget. We also offer equipment rentals and service. Our certified service technicians use state-of-the-art instruments to service your major brand equipment in-house.
Trips: The local Channel Islands have been called the Galapagos of North America. There are eight islands, and we take people every week to explore them. These trips are suitable for divers of various experience levels and interests (See: Local Dive Trips). We also embark on many custom-itinerary overseas expeditions throughout the year. Most of these trips are one of a kind, with specially customized routes that outfitters rarely conduct for the general public (See: Overseas/Long Range Trips).


On top of our scuba diving expertise, we embrace a full outdoor lifestyle that spans beyond the underwater world. We offer eco-expeditions in the mountains, coastline, rivers, and wetlands. We are outdoor adventures who hike, paddle, camp, and forage. We conduct trips locally and internationally, teaching you about the connection between humans and our environment along the way (See: Eco Trips). On top of scientific topics such as biology, ecology, plant chemistry, and biogeography, we cover themes such as edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants, how to cook with wild plants, and the physiological & psychological benefits of spending time in nature (See: Eco Courses & Seminars). Our goal isn’t for you to be a weekend or vacation adventurer. We offer the skills and training to help rekindle the wildness in you.


After all, Ocean Safari Outdoors is where real adventures begin.