We are proud to introduce Night Swim Sessions, conducted by our expert instructor Luis Torres.
Instructor Luis Torres brings to the class 10 years of expert experience in Water Safety,
Competitive Swimming and Scuba Diving, and is an active  LA County Lifeguard.
A test swim will be conducted in your first session to help confirm the best level of instruction for you.
Please contact us to schedule the appropriate class for you.

Advance Class                       Thursdays      8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fee - $85 for a series of six (6) sessions
Intermediate Class                Thursdays      7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fee - $85 for a series of six (6) sessions
Beginner Classes                   Tuesdays        Between 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM
Fee - $30 each session*           Thursday       Between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM
*Classes for beginners are scheduled as a Private Session - Each Private Session is 30 minutes.
*Classes for beginners are by appointment only - There are no group beginner classes at this time.
For  reference only – to help guide you in deciding which type of class to consider attending.

Advance - 50 yards Front Crawl, 50 yards Backstroke, 50 yards Breaststroke, 15 yards Butterfly.
Dive from deck or block, and perform a Flip Turn and an Open Turn.

Intermediate - 25 yards Front Crawl, 25 yards Backstroke, elementary Backstroke, swim Breaststroke

Beginner - Float without help, face in water for 10 seconds, backstroke 15 yards, elementary backstroke 15 yards.
Front Crawl for 15 yards with rhythmic breathing.