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The Progressive Diving Program (formerly Aquatic Program) is designed to establish and refine diving skills beyond the scope of basic skills taught in your open water course. In this progressive program divers will practice rescue skills for skin and scuba diving, free diving and breath holding technique, and advanced scuba techniques i.e. ditch-and-don, bail out, direct descending, and adv. theory. Each of the three sections is divided into two three hour pool sessions, and is taught by senior life guard, and NAUI instructor, Luis Torres. The Progressive Diving Program is a necessity for all divers who are eager to improve their skills to an advanced level.

With such limited access to the ocean, at most 3 dives a week if you’re lucky, The Progressive Diving Program provides an opportunity to get more comfortable in the water and in your gear without the cost and time is takes to get to the Channel Islands or beach.  Instead of trouble shooting between dives, get it all figured out through the program and have all the tools to maximize the fun and adventure of your next dive trip.

The goal of our Aqua Skills for Scuba diving and Fitness program is to build strength and stamina for the aquatic environment. Geared towards those who aspire to explore the underwater world and who are already certified, participants will learn and refine four core swim strokes such as forward crawl (free style), breast stroke, elementary back stroke, and side stroke. What sets this course apart from our standard swim classes is that it is designed and lead by professional life guard instructor and NAUI Instructor Trainer, Rick Tang. ASSF is definitely a notch higher than any swim class you have taken before, aside from the four strokes afore mentioned, Rick will teach you core life guarding skills such as swimmer assist, self/buddy rescue, and various water survival skills.


The Progressive Diving Program

Aqua Skills for Scuba diving and Fitness program


We are proud to introduce Night Swim Sessions, conducted by our expert instructor Luis Torres.
Instructor Luis Torres brings to the class 10 years of expert experience in Water Safety,
Competitive Swimming and Scuba Diving, and is an active  LA County Lifeguard.
A test swim will be conducted in your first session to help confirm the best level of instruction for you.
Please contact us to schedule the appropriate class for you.

Advance Class                       Thursdays      8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fee - $85 for a series of six (6) sessions
Intermediate Class                Thursdays      7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fee - $85 for a series of six (6) sessions
Beginner Classes                   Tuesdays        Between 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM
Fee - $30 each session*           Thursday       Between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM
*Classes for beginners are scheduled as a Private Session - Each Private Session is 30 minutes.
*Classes for beginners are by appointment only - There are no group beginner classes at this time.
For  reference only – to help guide you in deciding which type of class to consider attending.

Advance - 50 yards Front Crawl, 50 yards Backstroke, 50 yards Breaststroke, 15 yards Butterfly.
Dive from deck or block, and perform a Flip Turn and an Open Turn.

Intermediate - 25 yards Front Crawl, 25 yards Backstroke, elementary Backstroke, swim Breaststroke

Beginner - Float without help, face in water for 10 seconds, backstroke 15 yards, elementary backstroke 15 yards.
Front Crawl for 15 yards with rhythmic breathing.