New! OSDT Webinar: The Ocean from your Home

Staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stop learning about nature! We are offering several webinar series to keep you connected to the things you love – the ocean, her inhabitants, the outdoors, local plants, and our community. 

The first webinar series will be on California Marine Invertebrates. Did you know that California has a high biodiversity of marine life with over 1000 species of marine animals and algae? That’s why our local Channel Islands have been dubbed the Galapagos of California! This seminar will be led by our in-house biologist, Haruka Ito. She has studied marine life all along the Pacific coast as a college and graduate student and now incorporates it in her college biology courses. Join us to learn about some of the marine inhabitants, discuss various factors that could make a marine environment thrive or threatened, and find out how you can participate in conservation efforts!

This 3-part series will count towards the NAUI Underwater Naturalist certification. See here for more details. 

In this economically difficult time, we plan to host these webinars so that we can continue to financially support our staff. We are a small, family-run business, so your support will be greatly appreciated! In return, you will become more knowledgeable about marine biology and the outdoor environment around us, and learn about what makes California so unique. 

Webinar Details:  

California Marine Invertebrates (Series A):

Session 1: Thursday, March 26, 7pm PST.  Sign up here

Session 2: Friday, March 27, 7pm PST.  Sign up here

Session 3: Saturday, March 28, 7pm PST.  Sign up here

(Reservation note: please ignore the “Overseas Trip” Agreement policy information)


Cost: $15 per session, but for those financially affected in this time of hardship $10 (please write how much you would like to pay in the “notes” section of the reservation)

Webinar Link: after you sign up, you will get a reservation email. After we manually confirm your reservation with the price you would like to pay, then you will get a separate Confirmation Email. This confirmation email will have the webinar link and details. 

Future Webinar Series: We will have a webinar series on Fish Identification and Foraging Local Greens. Keep an eye out for the details to come! Look for new seminar sign up links here

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