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Freediving Level 1 Certification Course

Course objectives:
After completion of this course, students should have the proper skills and knowledge to safely freedive with an equally or more qualified buddy in environments and depths equivalent to their training.

- Minimum age 12 years old
- Be able to swim
- Completion of Basic Free Diver course or equivalent

Curriculum consists of:
- 2 Classroom sessions
- 1 Pool session
- 2 Day boat trip
- E-learning course

Skills covered (but not limited to):
- Dynamic diving with proper neutral buoyancy, finning, body position, turn and surfacing
- Rescue skills (blackout rescue, loss of motor control rescue, shallow water blackout)
- Proper arm strokes
- Static breath hold
- Constant weight dive to depth minimum depth of 30 feet (max 60 feet; max 40 feet if under age 15)
- Mask removal ascent

We provide:
- Small class size
- All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructors
- Jr. Olympic sized, lifeguard-staffed, heated pool to depth of 13ft.
- Certification card

Students are responsible for:
- Skin Diving Equipment
- Boat fee
- Purchase e-learning materials