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Underwater Photography Seminar

How to Optimize your Camera and Accessories to Improve your Underwater Photos

Determining and adjusting a camera’s settings can be daunting, leaving many people to accept automatic mode. This might work fine above water, but underwater where simply taking a photo is difficult at best, automatic mode is NOT your friend. You don’t need us to tell you it’s a whole other world down there under the sea…but we will tell you that there are a number of things you can do and control to get great underwater photographs. We are offering this course to help you to better understand your camera’s settings, it’s various menus, and how to best adjust and optimize those settings to vastly improve your results. We will also share other tried and true underwater photography tips that can be used to maximize the results of all camera systems. So, if you are interested in stepping it up a bit, this is the class for you.

This Class will focus on compact cameras and GoPro action cameras:

Course Objectives

- Understand macro and wide angle photography and the settings and equipment needed for each situation
- Set up menu system on your camera

- Advantages to shooting in the RAW file format
- Reviewing and understanding histograms and why this is a must underwater
- Explore the many accessories and housing options to expand your system
- Discuss the use of ambient and artificial light
- Understand the use of single strobe and two strobe standard lighting techniques
- How to attach and carry photography equipment underwater
- Best strategies for dealing with the hundreds of images often accumulated over multiple dives and days

- None, but this class is specific for beginner underwater photographers, so diving certification or advanced snorkeling experience recommended.

- One classroom session

Students Responsible For
- Bring your camera and/or system if you have it
- Bring the camera manual if you have it, or download it on your phone and/or tablet

Seminar Cost: $48