Cabo Pulmo, Sea of Cortez Expedition 2023

Join us for an unforgettable journey in one of the most biodiverse waters in the world, which Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World.” The Sea of Cortez is home to 891 reef fish species, 90 of which are found nowhere else in the world. We will venture to the best of the best, Cabo Pulmo marine park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to the Pacific’s easternmost barrier reef - the only coral reef in Baja California. The local village helped this unique ecosystem from overfishing and desolation, and it is now a rebounding reef that is home to over 235 fish species and hundreds more species of marine invertebrates and mammals. You will not believe your eyes when you see the explosion of marine life diversity and an astounding density of fish amongst the colorful reefs! You are sure to encounter some of the largest schools of fish you have ever seen, as well as sea lions, sharks, and mantas. We have planned our trip for the best season to dive in the Sea of Cortez, when the water temperatures are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility is over 100 feet!
We will take a short flight to Cabo San Lucas and then a 2-hour van transfer  through the Baja desert and the Cortez scenery on Tue Nov. 7th. In merely 3/4 of a day we will arrive in this secluded, laidback Baja desert town of Cabo Pulmo. We have arranged stylish casitas/bungalows, each with its unique design. We will dive a total of 3 days, with up to 8 dives at various dive sites. Diving is off pangas launched directly from the beach with tractors. Dive sites are all within a 20-minute boat ride. After diving we will be able to enjoy hiking, beach combing, and eco activities. We will fly out around noon and back to LAX on Saturday. Nov. 11. 
This is one of the very few land based diving trip Ocean Safari have offered in years! It comes with a short 5-day getaway in warm water, very economical, and lots of fun and adventure. Please wait and see the pricing and detailed itinerary shortly.