Newfoundland, Canada Dive & Eco Expedition 2020

Have you been waiting for a hardcore experience to venture in the cold waters of Canada? Come experience the rugged coastline of the Newfoundland, and discover the rich history of one of the oldest towns in North America. We have amazing experiences for both divers and non-divers (adventurers) alike. Divers will explore some World War II wrecks sunk by German U boats, hunt for huge scallops the size of your hand (and possibly bring some home), visit an eerie but beautiful whale bone graveyard, and encounter breathtaking reefs and walls full of cold-water marine life. Newfoundland’s marine life encounters may include Atlantic wolf fish, jellyfish, seals, whales, lobsters, anemones, amongst other abundant reef invertebrates. Adventurers will have the chance to explore with divers to see marine life while snorkeling, visit a historic mine, kayak underneath waterfalls, enjoy Bell Island, and soak in natural hot springs. If the currents and season align, we’ll all get to swim and play amongst floating icebergs. We’ll all definitely have a grand adventure at the sea caves, cliffsides, and beaches along the coast on board inflatable zodiacs. After our ocean expeditions, we’ll also enjoy the rich history and culture, amazing seafood and cuisine, and nightlife of one of the first towns ever established in the Northeast.

Prepare for a serious adventure if you embark on this trip! We will spend 7 full days of exploring the Atlantic Ocean from above and underwater, surrounded by the unique scenery of Northeast America. Water will be 32°F (this trip isn’t for the faint of heart!) but the hardcore participants will be rewarded with the 100ft + visibility. Our small group of 13 people will stay together in a lodge with a beautiful view and a kitchen, where we can enjoy each other’s company and cook together our freshly caught ingredients from the sea. This expedition will be one for the books if you’re a true underwater explorer.

Expedition Itinerary:
May 15 (Fri): Fly out of LAX in the evening.
May 16~23 (Sat~Sat): Expedition activities for both divers and adventurers, on land and underwater. Activities include diving, hiking, exploring, snorkeling, kayaking, boat tours, city adventures, and enjoying good food and company.
May 24 (Sun): Say farewell to beautiful St. John’s and return to LAX in the evening.


Expedition Activities:

For Divers:
- 4 days diving to see reef life, scallop diving, WWII wrecks, whale bone graveyard.
For Adventurers:
- 2 days kayaking and snorkeling at dive destination.
- 2 days adventurers only expedition to Bell Island, visit mine quest, hot spring spa.
For All:
- 2 days exploring the rugged coastline, sea caves, and islands.
- 1 day culture experience, museum visit, hiking.
- Gourmet meal cooking, including the scallops collected from diving.


Expedition Includes:
- Divers: 4 days of 2 tanks diving (whale bone graveyard, reef marine life, scallop diving, World War II wrecks).
- Steel Nx tanks and weights.
- Adventurers: Bell Island expedition, kayaking, snorkeling, mine quest, and spa experience.
- 2 days of Zodiac, boat and or kayak exploration of the rugged coastline, sea caves and islands.
- 1 day of St. John’s culture experience with hiking, museum visit.
- 7 night accommodation at adventure lodge.
- 1 night 4-stars hotel stay at St. John’s waterfront with breakfast included.
- 1 night gourmet dinner and one hearty breakfast prepared by Newfoundlanders.
- Lunch on dive/adventure days aboard Mermaid.
- Most local transportation.
- Escort by Ocean Safari professional dive leaders & photographer with unparalleled service.

- International airfare (current price $800, Air Canada)
- Iceberg dive/adventure (if seasonally available) additional $220 plus 15% tax. (Divers must have buoyancy and deep diving specialties with minimum of 100 certified dives)
- Meals not mentioned above (we will go shopping and cook as a group!)
- Travel and dive insurance (see below for additional information)
- Crew Gratuities


Costs: (based on Double Occupancy)
- Diver Package: $2438
- Adventurer (non-diver) Package: $2238






1st Deposit


Upon Reservation

Final Payment

Balance Remaining

Jan 15, 2020

For credit card payment please add 3%

Dive & Travel Insurance: 

Dive insurance is required to participate in this trip. Please use our links to purchase dive insurance from DAN or Dive Assure
Travel insurance is optional. However, over the years, we have seen how valuable and beneficial travel insurance can be. These policies will help cover expenses when your trip is interrupted due to events such as weather, mechanical breakdowns, missed flights/connections, or when someone else has a dive/medical emergency that prevents you from diving.  

We want to help offset the cost of travel insurance and will sponsor 5% of the cost as store credit if you use the links from our website to purchase travel insurance from DAN or Dive Assure. We highly recommend it! 
Here is a quick guide to help you decide if travel insurance from DAN or Dive Assure is best for you. 


Cancellation Policy:
Before Jan 15, 2020, 1st deposit forfeited, no refund on first deposit.
After Jan 15, 2020, no refund (unless a replacement can be found then 1st deposit forfeited).