The Best of Philippines and Okinawa Diving & Eco Expedition 2019

March 17 - March 27 (Best of Philippines) 
March 28 - April 1 (Okinawa)


Best of Philippines: 

Adventure through crystal blue depths to discover historic WW2 wrecks. Find yourself submerged in a mysterious hidden lake. Embrace the pristine beauty of the Tubbataha reef, a Unesco world heritage site, in the middle of Sulu sea. Experience the best Philippines has to offer while indulging on-board the MV Discovery Palawan. Floating at over 500 tons and 165 ft in length, the 10knot Lloyds registered class vessel is an impressive one to be on.
With the help of our good friend Mrs. Yasuko Jones, a Philippines expert, we have created a fully customized expedition to experience the best of Philippines. Start the trip in Verde island around Mindoro. sail through Corons' ship wreck alley to discover the Olympia Maru, Akitsushima Maru, and more wrecked in 1942 frozen in time from WW2. Feel the dramatic thermocline in Barracuda Lake with beautiful formations leading you to a halocline. Explore rarely dived islands off Palawan's west coast! Discover one of the most remarkable reefs the coral triangle has to offer in Tubbataha. With 28 years of protection, this spectacular ecosystem support over 350 species of coral and almost 500 species of fish. And of course you can find species such as sharks, turtles, and mantas in this awe-inspiring destination.   

Home to the greatest diversity of marine species on Earth, the coral triangle is considered the nursery of the seas where 75% of all coral species known to science is found and is home to more marine species found anywhere else in the world. The archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands known as the Philippines is the northern part of the coral triangle. It is an undeniable fact that the Philippines' offers one of the most marine bio-diverse waters, if not the most diverse in the world. Join us for a one of a kind expedition to cover some of the best and most remote dive sites around the Philippines during the prime season.



Okinawa prefecture is a group of subtropical islands in southern Japan. The Okinawan islands used to be its own independent Ryukyu Kingdom before Japan took control in 1879. Thus, similar to comparing the Hawaiian Islands to the mainland US, the Okinawan islands are full of their own unique cultures, traditions, foods, and language that are separate from those of mainland Japan. During our Okinawa trip, we will immerse ourselves in the Okinawan culture and venture to the southwestern-most of its islands, Yonaguni, for exquisite diving. Yonaguni diving is known for its clear waters and swift currents that bring marine life excitement, with breathtaking rock formations, caverns, and tunnels. The area is also home to the Yonaguni Monument dive site, a mesmerizing underwater monolith that has been debated whether the structures are natural or man-made. Could it be archaeological evidence for an advanced prehistoric civilization!? Come see it and decide for yourself! 


Best of Philippines Expedition Includes:

- 9 days 8 nights accommodation aboard MV Discovery Palawan - All meals, snacks, water, coffee and tea on board
- Tanks and weights.
- 20+ dives and island excursion.
- Coach transfers: Manila to Batangas, Puerto Princesa port to airport, domestic airport to international airport in Manila
- Special $100 gift certificate for OS Group to be used for expense on board (nx, drinks, t-shirt, etc)
- Escort by professional Ocean Safari dive leader with unparalleled service



- International and domestic flights
- $125 park fee (Coron and Tubbataha)
$100 fuel surcharge if oil price is more than 60USD/barrel at the time of travel
- Onboard telecommunications
- Onboard beverages: Soda, beer, wines, spirits and bottled mineral water are extra
- Nitrox
- Crew Gratuities.
- Travel and dive insurance.

Okinawa/Yonaguni Expedition Includes:

- 4 night hotel accommodation based on double occupancy
- Most meals (2 dinners excluded)
- All ground transportation
- Round trip domestic flight from Naha to Yonaguni via Ishigaki
- English speaking tour guide
- Tour of Okinawan culture, artisan crafts, and cuisine
- Visit Okinawa's famous sites: Shuri Castle, massive cave, and historical underground Navy headquarters
- Venture to beautiful & remote Yonaguni island
- 2 days of 2 tanks boat diving at mysterious Yonaguni underwater monument
- Tanks and weights


Costs: (Based on Double Occupancy)

Standard Cabin: $3798 (16 spots)
Upper deck deluxe cabin: $4468 (4 spots)
Okinawa: $1598 (Prices based on minimum 10 spots and 1 USD to 109 YEN conversion rate. Costs may vary depending on curresncy exchange rate at the time of travel and final participant count.)





1st Deposit

$900 S, $1000 D, $500 O

Upon Reservation

2nd Deposit

$1000 S, $1300 D, $500 O

Before May 18 , 2018

Final payment

balance remaining 

Before Oct 18 , 2018

For credit card payment please add 3%         


Cancellation Policy:

(trip insurance is available thru Ocean safari, please ask)

Before May. 18 2018, 1st deposit forfeited, no refund on first deposit

After May. 18 2018, 1st and 2nd deposit forfeited (unless replacement can be found then 1st deposit forfeited)

After Oct. 18 2018, no refund (unless replacement can be found then 1st deposit forfeited)