Chickens with Sandals

A snapshot of the easy and laidback life in a rustic Indonesian village. It is so far removed from the materialism of Western lifestyle. Sometimes I wonder who is really living a rich life…

Elaborate Wig

A Papua New Guinean man dressed up as a tribal warrior posed for me. His elaborate wig is crafted from his own hair and decorated with colorful feathers. It took him more than 2 years to make. It is something he will keep for life.

Cutest Smile!

Here is a group of beautiful Fijian children who sang for us when we visited their village. The people of Fiji are always so gracious and welcome visitors to their village. The smiles on the faces of these children stay with you long after the vacation is over.

Everything's Frozen!

Posing next to a pile of bodies? No, this is what happened to our drysuits when we took them off after diving at Silfra in ?Iceland. The dive was amazing and relaxing, but getting to and from the dive site was quite a challenge. The wind was howling and nearly blew some of the smaller divers off the trail. By the time we got back to the vans and took the suits off, they were frozen stiff. It looked like there were invisible divers in the suits!

Plunge into the Deep Blue Water

Let's go swim through the rift between Eurasian and North American plates! These are the words that lured a group of Ocean Safari divers to pack their drysuits and hop on a plane to Iceland. Our first dive in Iceland was at Silfra. As we plunged into the clear water, the unusual blue hue and the serene beauty made us forget about the cold. It is an amazing dive site. The best part? It's clean, freshwater so you don't have to rinse your gear after the dive!