Upcoming Overseas/Long Range Trips

Greater Raja Ampat to Spice Islands Diving and Eco Expedition 2022

March 25 - April 10

The Ocean Safari Dive Team is gearing up to traverse the awe-inspiring colorful waters of West Papua and Maluku. As part of the famous Coral Triangle, this region boasts the title of marine biodiversity hotspot of the world. Starting our journey from Raja Ampat, we’ll be exploring breathtaking geological formations in emerald waters surrounded by schools of fish and 64% of the world’s known coral species. From there, we’ll explore the lesser known Banda Sea and Maluku, known to many as the Spice Islands. In the Banda Islands, divers will find picture-perfect coral gardens as well as incredible shallow water muck diving filled with unique sea creatures waiting to be found. In Maluku, among the rainbow soft corals, you may be able to spot Mola-Mola, tuna, manta rays, turtles, surgeon-fish, triggerfish, scorpion fish, ghost pipefish, lionfish, and various pelagic animals, just to name a few! Not only that, we will also be hopping on land to experience the rich remote island cultures and learn in depth about the famous history of the origins of nutmeg and clove. Join Ocean Safari on a journey across the most biodiverse waters in the world.  You definitely don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


South Africa Sardine Run and Big 5 Safari, Diving & Eco Expedition 2022

June 22 - July 6

Join Ocean Safari for an amazing opportunity to witness both underwater and safari wildlife in South Africa! During the short window between June and July the Benguela current brings millions of sardines in bait balls along the east coast of South Africa. This sardine migration attracts marine megafauna such as whales, seabirds, sharks, dolphins, seals, and penguins. After a week chasing the spectacular underwater action, we’ll stay in the first established (longest-protected) wildlife preserves in Africa, with a chance to see all African Big 5 safari animals. The big five include the elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, Cape buffalo, and lion. You’ll also see other safari animals such as giraffes, cheetahs, wild dogs, antelopes, and zebras. 


Malpelo Island, Colombia Dive Expedition 2022

August 5 - August 16

Everyone has heard of diving in the Galapagos Islands, but do you know of the lesser known island far more adventurous with much more sharks and big marine life? Malpelo National Park, located 300 nautical miles off of the coast of Columbia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest no-fishing sanctuary in the tropical Eastern Pacific. The waters surrounding Malpelo is home to over 380 species of fish, 730 species of marine invertebrates including 15 coral species, 18 marine mammals, and several marine reptiles. Since the island is the only piece of land for hundreds of miles, over 50 species of migratory birds depend on this safe haven. Surrounded by deep waters and multiple oceanic currents, Malpelo is a perfect location to see the convergence of big pelagic marine life including hammerhead, silky, smalltooth sand tiger, and Galapagos sharks, whale sharks, eagle rays, and huge schooling fish. You will experience the pure thrill of diving in one of the most action-packed dive destinations of the world! However, such exhilarating diving in a remote location come with demanding conditions, especially with strong current that can appear or change in an instant. Since the island is very small, there is is very little protection from rough seas. Ocean Safari will be taking 12 adventurous souls with great diving skills and exceptional adaptability to changing sea conditions for this grand expedition!



Islands of Loreto to Northern La Paz, Southern Sea of Cortez Dive Expedition 2022

October 2 - October 8

The islands of Loreto and northern La Paz are hidden gems on the Sea of Cortez with peaceful charm and dazzling landscapes. This area is very difficult to reach within the time restraints of a short day trip, which means that this area is rarely visited and remains pristine. The coast is backed by the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range, which limits access to the area from the west coast of Baja. There are only a few, very rugged trails across the mountains.  

Join us for an unforgettable journey in one of the most biodiverse waters in the world, which Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World.” The Sea of Cortez is home to 891 reef fish species, 90 of which are found nowhere else in the world. We’ll venture to the most remote islands in the southern Sea of Cortez, such as Isla Coronado, Carmen, Danzante, Monserrate, Catalina, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Las Animas and San Francisco, all of which are teeming with life. You will not believe your eyes when you see the explosion of marine diversity and an astounding density of fish amongst the colorful reefs! We’ve planned our trip for the best season to dive in the Sea of Cortez, when the water temperatures are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility is over 100 feet! In addition, we have invited a special guest, Rafael Murillo, who is the most knowledgeable person about diving in the Loreto area. With such an experienced divemaster/co-host guiding our dives and helping to select the dive sites, you will have a rare opportunity to explore the best that this area has to offer!



Fiji Dive & Eco Expedition 2022

November 3 - November 12

Most people visit Fiji by going to one of the resorts on the main islands, diving only at the reefs close to shore. However, Fiji is composed of over 300 islands, and with Ocean Safari, you can have a more authentic adventure - traveling to the smaller, less visited islands which has the most pristine coral reefs, beaches, and less visited villages. To do so, Ocean Safari has chartered an 8 day 7 nights trip on the best liveaboard in Fiji, the NAI’A. Will explore the capital of soft coral diving in the world, in one corner of the Coral Triangle. The areas we will be diving is too remote to be accessed by resort divers. We will cover most of the remote Bligh Water, diving at underwater pinnacles covered with soft coral, surrounded by schools of barracuda and trevally and fish species found nowhere else on Earth such as the Fiji anemone fish, flasher wrasse, and Terry’s dwarf goby.


Raja Ampat to E. Forgotten Islands and Triton Bay: Diving and Eco Expedition 2023

January 30 - February 14

Ocean Safari is no stranger to Raja Ampat. Over the years, we’ve had many expeditions to this wondrous underwater world of life and every time has left us in awe of its beauty. This time, we’ll be starting off our journey from Raja Ampat and venture south to the Kai Archipelago on the north eastern edge of the Forgotten Islands. Here, we’ll be among the very first divers to lay their eyes on the islands’ pristine coral reef wonders and amazing deep walls covered with soft corals, sea fans, and sponges. From there, we’ll move on to Triton Bay, also known as the Kingdom of Fishes, where we can observe the intimate relationship that some village fishermen have with the whale sharks in the area, and have the chance to snorkel with these majestic animals. This route through the world-renowned coral triangle is specialized for us to maximize our experiences in one of the most unique and memorable places in the world.


Anilao, Philippines and Okinawa Dive & Eco Expedition 2023

March 13 - March 26

March 13 to 20 - Philippines

March 20 to 26 - Okinawa

We have designed a special two-part dive & eco trip for spring 2020: Anilao, Philippines and Okinawa, Japan. Both parts of this expedition will be co-hosted by Ocean Safari’s resident macro photography enthusiast and nudibranch geek, Megumi Itoh. This is also one of the few resort-based dive trips for Ocean Safari, which means this would be a good trip to bring your non-diver friends and family members. Located in the Coral Triangle and having been a protected marine area since the 1970’s, Anilao is known for the beautiful reefs and incredible marine biodiversity. Perhaps you have heard of it being referred to as a paradise for underwater photographers. The reefs of Anilao are very healthy. At every dive site, you will find a variety of soft and hard coral, sponges, colorful reef fish, and all sorts of critters. Be ready to spot critters such as frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, pipefish, shrimps and a variety of nudibranchs. For part two of our expedition, we are returning to Okinawa for another visit to the Yonaguni Underwater Monument. After such a successful trip in March of 2019, we just had to plan a return visit to this amazing dive site. This time, our Okinawa trip will feature diving at Yonaguni and eco tours at Iriomote Island.


Galapagos Dive & Eco Expedition 2023

October 28 - November 6

Ever since the discovery of the Galápagos archipelago about 200 years ago, nature-lovers, scientists and explorers alike have flocked to this speck of land in the middle of the ocean to observe, study, and marvel at this unique natural gem. In October 2023, Ocean Safari Outdoors will embark on the journey to explore both above and underwater throughout the Galápagos Islands. Then the adventure continues to Colombia, to visit the traditional villages, coffee plantations, and high altitude lakes of the Andes mountains. This is a custom trip so you won't get a guided package like this anywhere else! You will be immersed in the historical and cultural heritage of Colombia, from the Spanish legacy, iconic foods and drinks, ecological significance, and the traditions of the numerous indigenous peoples of the area.