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Whether you seek scuba certification to explore the beautiful Channel Islands or to set sail for Fiji or the Komodo Archipelago, we strive to bring you the highest quality experience.  Through introducing you to places you’ve never gone and hobbies you never imagined existed—underwater photography, spearfishing, and treasure hunting—our priorities are your safety and enjoyment.

At Ocean Safari, we believe scuba is more than just a certification—it is a way of life.  Many prestigious education courses and certifications are offered here.  However diving education to us is more important.  It is an ever-evolving process with constant conditioning and training.

In pursuing this quality, we take no shortcuts in our services.  Rather than beach dives, nearly all of our local trips are boat dives—on a weekly basis.  Rather than a couple short classes to prepare for open-water, we offer our students a minimum of four 3-hour confined pool sessions at a first-class Jr. Olympic-sized pool.  Instead of a few tiring beach dives, we require 6 open-water boat dives for certification.  High staff-to-student ratio, private consultations for every student, private equipment fittings, and weekly seminars, classes, and boat trips are also part of our on-going agenda.

Ocean Safari offers more than just merchandise and a certification.  We offer a community.  Our highly skilled staff team boasts years of unmatched experience, carrying with them invaluable lessons, trade knowledge, and an undying spirit.  From the fire department and lifeguards to search & rescue teams, the welcoming family that is our diverse and multicultural dive team is really what you begin and end with.

As that family, let us quench your thirst for adventure and take you to a new world of exploration and discovery.