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As your local boutique, we at Ocean Safari Outdoors stress the importance of maximizing your hobbies without infringing on your wallet.  In accommodating your budget, we offer year-round sales and specials on our huge inventory of over $150,000.  We guarantee the lowest prices out of any place you visit, online or in stores, and further guarantee the newest, hottest items on the market.  Please continually refer back to this page and sign up for our mailing list below for more updates on sales and specials. 

Current Specials

Lobster Season Special Lobster Season Special

20% Off Adventus 1000XL Dive Light + Free Beacon

Buy an Adventus Orion 1000XL for 20% off regular price. You will also get a free Orion Dive Beacon  ($7.50 value).

Orion 1000s XL (regular price $129.95) boasts burn time of 120 minutes, which makes it the longest burning underwater flashlight of this size on the market. The maximum output is 1000 Lumens with beam angle of 18 degrees, and features a convenient push-button for power.

Offer valid for in-store purchases through October 31, 2021 only.. While supplies last.

only $104.00
Atomic T25Limited Edition Regulator Atomic T25Limited Edition Regulator

Incredibly tough and stunningly beautiful, our ultra-exclusive T25 Limited-Edition Anniversary Regulator celebrates 25 years of superlative design, engineering and performance. Representing decades of breakthroughs—and breaking the rules—the T25 is a highly-evolved version of the iconic T3 all-Titanium regulator. But it’s designed using even more exotic processes, elevating it into “Diamond” status.

The T25 Burnt Titanium finish is highly unique and no two regulators appear the same. Of course, it’s not really burned, but the T25’s coating does have a near Diamond-level super hardness that will perform in the water for years and years of use. However, while the “Burnt Titanium” coating is very hard and can resist normal scratching from diving, it can be damaged, so be sure to avoid impact or excessive rubbing with pool decks, boat decks or swim steps.

only $2,799.00
Garmin Descent Mk2i + Descent T1 Bundle Garmin Descent Mk2i + Descent T1 Bundle

Descent Mk2i is a watch-style dive computer with air integration capability.

- Pair with Descent T1 transmitter for integrated pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks.

- Transmit data (remaining air time, air consumption rate, etc.) for you and other divers.

- Track your entry and exit points with advanced satellite connectivity.

- Store and review data for up to 200 dives.

- Pair with inReach satellite communicators and inReach dive case to use inReach functionality with you Descent Mk2i. You can send and receive text messages as well as use the SOS function.

Garmin Descent Mk2i + Descent T1 Bundle with black band: $1849.99

Garmin Descent Mk2i + Descent T1 Bundle with titanium band: $2049.99

only $1,849.99
Garmin inReach Mini Garmin inReach Mini

inReach Mini is a palm-sized satellite communicator. Key features include:

- Send and receive text messages beyond cellular range (with satellite subscription).

- Navigate, track, and share your travels.

- In case of emergency, trigger an SOS to get help from a 24/7 global emergency response coordination center (with satellite subscription).

- Pair with mobile devices using Earthmate app for access to unlimited maps, aerial imagery and U.S. NOAA charts.

- Separately available inReach dive case allows you to take inReach with you on your dive.

only $349.99
Save on Galileo HUD with Transmitter Save on Galileo HUD with Transmitter

Buy Galileo HUD Hands-Free computer with transmitter (originally $1699, now $1350).

The Galileo HUD Dive Computer is an innovative mask-mounted, hands-free dive computer designed to keep you fully immersed in your dive, so you can experience more freedom on your dive. Featuring a virtual, floating heads-up display that uses precision near-eye optics, it keeps your essential dive information right in front of you.

HUD with transmitter offer available at participating North American stores only. While supplies last.

only $1,350.00
Doc's Proplugs Doc's Proplugs

Doc's Proplugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear.  Proper usage will help keep you in the water. With consistent use, they help prevent future ear problems such as:

• Swimmer's Ear (infection) 
• Surfer's Ear (bony growth) 
• Water-skier's Ear (ruptured eardrum) 
• Musician's Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)

only $13.95
Bare's Latest and Greatest Drysuit to Date Bare's Latest and Greatest Drysuit to Date

Sentry (men's drysuit) and Guardian (women's drysuit) are Bare's latest flagship suits, incorporating thermal and operational capabilities to meet the demands of the commercial or military diver with the flexibility and comfort of a warm water wetsuit. The Sentry and Guardian are constructed using high density Yamamoto neoprene, Bare's new and improved No Stitch Technology, and BARE’s latest innovation in torso expansion: Automatic Torso X-Tension system (ATX), that works without the restrictions of a crotch strap. 

only $2,249.00
Suunto D5 Suunto D5

The watch-sized Suunto D5 is the first Suunto app compatible dive computer with exchangeable straps

Suunto introduces the new Suunto D5, a watch-sized dive computer that is designed especially for recreational divers. The Suunto D5 enables the diver to effortlessly log and share their adventures digitally. With the exchangeable straps you can transform from your color coordinated dive partner to a classic post-dive timepiece.


Follow your dive details on the super clear, high contrast color screen. Choose from 4 dive modes and browse the simple yet intuitive menu with three buttons to easily switch between views and settings.


Transfer your dive logs easily over Bluetooth to your mobile after diving. In Suunto app you can re-live your dives, add photos and share your underwater adventures with friends.


Change the strap easily with the clever quick release system to fit your style. Choose a color that matches your diving gear or pick your favorite color silicone strap or leather to complete your casual style.


Follow your gas pressure conveniently straight from your wrist. Get tank pressure on your display wirelessly by pairing your D5 with the Suunto Tank POD before divin

$930 all black and black lime with pvd

$880 white and black in standard metal case
only $930.00
FogKicker for Scuba & Snorkel Masks and Swimming Goggles FogKicker for Scuba & Snorkel Masks and Swimming Goggles

Say Goodbye to fogged up masks!

FogKicker uses advanced biopolymers found in plants to prevent fog.

- Single coating can prevent fog for multiple dives and swims


10x more water resistant than any other anti-fog on the market


Naturalpaper based materials and biodegradable


- Coats on clear and non-irritating

only $8.95
Stream2Sea Tinted Sunscreen Stream2Sea Tinted Sunscreen

Protect your body while preserving the ecosystems you love with this high performance mineral-based sunscreen. 

Certain ingredients in sunscreens are toxic to corals and reef fish. Stream2Sea mineral sunscreens and natural body care products are made of natural ingredients, biodegradable and tested safe for fish and coral larvae.

SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen: $8.95

Sun & Sting Relief Gel: $4.95

only $8.95
EEZYCUT Trilobite EEZYCUT Trilobite

The forefront of Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T.) dynamics and design, the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE was developed for divers, mariners, mountaineers, extreme sports adventurers and rescue service providers who demand a tool that delivers a swift, safe, efficient cut.

only $29.95
Say Goodbye to Ear Infections! Say Goodbye to Ear Infections!

EarShield is an innovative groundbreaking product like no other on the market. This comfortable ear spray keeps your ears conditioned as it repels water. Before diving, spray this unique blend of Olive, Mineral, and Tea Tree Oil into your outer ear to finely coat the auditory canal. If you are bothered by the sensation of water getting into your ear while diving, this is the ultimate solution. This product, created by Dive First Aid, is small and easy to transport in your dive bag. It comes with a reusable plastic case that will prevent the clear glass bottle from getting crushed. At the end of your dive day, relax in comfort without any worry of ear infection. We proudly stock this product and are excited about integrating it into our diving lifestyle. Try it today and see for yourself!

only $23.95