When planning your next dive trip, wouldn’t you want the ease of knowing you are booking with reputable dive operations for the best prices? You don’t need any more gruesome hours of online research -- let us set up your dream vacation for you!

With over 30 years of diving and traveling around the world, Ocean Safari has conducted the trial and error processes, navigating through our favorite destinations through all the seasons with various dive operators.

Based on our experiences and network of connections, here’s how we can help you:
1. Build a Personalized Trip: We can cater to your personal diving needs and desires, and design a customized trip just for you. You’ll get the best consultation from our staff so we can maximize the fun and ensure you have a successful trip.
2. Right Place at the Right Time: Every destination has different seasons, and we can make sure your dive trip will be a combination of great location, best weather and season, and reputable dive operator.
3. Discounted Prices: Because of our long-term connections with our dive operators, we can get you a better price than if you booked directly from them.

On this map are few of the operators we have worked with for years, both for group trips and sending individual travelers. We also have many more contacts around the world, so let us know your diving desires and destination interests.

Make your worry-free dream vacation come true!