Playing with Underwater Puppies

California sea lions are found along the coast of southern Alaska to central Mexico, including the Gulf of California. They have ear flaps and large, broad front flippers. Males are larger and dark brown in color. Females and juveniles are lighter golden brown, and have slender bodies. These intelligent marine mammals are known for their playfulness and their loud barks. Those of us who dive in southern California don’t have to go too far to find them underwater. We can go on a day trip to Santa Barbara Island, where you are sure to be visited by playful pups and juveniles during the dives. If you need a little warmer water, you can fly just a few hours south to La Paz. They will be waiting for you to jump into the water. Our next Santa Barbara Island trip is in August, and we head to La Paz in March, 2020. Would you like to join us?

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