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Advanced Scuba Diver Certification Course

For beginners, it is sometimes a puzzling question of where to take their new c-cards after being certified.  Ocean Safari Outdoors offers continuing education to serve that purpose.  Students are meticulously guided through the world of diving while simultaneously gaining new and fun experiences.  Here at Ocean Safari, we value commitment to education and we present quality of education.  Aside from a certification, what you ultimately gain is the world underwater.

Course objectives:
This course is a continuing education certification course for certified divers.  It is an enjoyable program of continued supervised experience designed to introduce divers to a variety of diving activities and to be taught in an open water setting and seminar oriented sessions.  Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those of training.

Curriculum includes:
- 9 open-water dives with small-sized advanced groups
- Two pool sessions (Advanced technique 1 and 2)
- E-learning home study
- Training and education tailored to individual need and desires
- Education and discussion groups prior to and following open-water dives

Topics and Skills include but not limited to:
- Underwater navigation
- Deep-water dive (in excess of 80 feet)
- Light salvage
- Underwater hunting and collecting
- Marine life identification
- Ascending-descending control without guide line
- Direct descending
- Advanced buoyancy control
- Advanced breathing control
- Stronger current/surge
- Night or low-visibility dive
- Greater options of dive sites for selection

We provide:
- All education and open-water instruction conducted by highly experienced instructor
- NAUI Advanced Scuba diver certification card upon successful completion of the course

Students are responsible for
- Skin diving equipment
- Scuba equipment and dive computer (available for rental)
- Underwater compass
- Dive lights
- Boat fee
- E-learning materials