Basic Freediving Course

Course objectives:
- Identify the importance of proper freediving equipment suited to your needs
- Understand the physiology of freediving
- Practice various equalization and breathing techniques
- Learn how to properly freedive to depths up to 15ft
- Describe benefits of breath hold training
- Learn to minimize risks and practice rescue skills

- Minimum age 10 years old

Curriculum consists of:
- 1 three-hour classroom session
- 2 three-hour pool sessions

Skills covered (but not limited to):
- Proper use of freediving equipment
- Stretching and flexibility training
- Water entry and exit
- Static and dynamic session in water
- Proper breathe-up and relaxation techniques
- Body positioning and surfacing techniques
- Freediving to depth of 15 feet
- Duck diving
- Various equalization maneuvers
- Surface swimming
- Surface rescue skills

We provide:
- Small class size
- All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructors
- Jr. Olympic sized, lifeguard-staffed, heated pool to depth of 13ft.
- Certification card

Students are responsible for:
- Skin Diving Equipment