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California Fish Identification Webinar - Session 3

This seminar will teach you to recognize and identify some of the common species of fish found off the California coast. You will learn the anatomy and morphology of fish which are tools to help you describe & identify unfamiliar fish. You'll also learn about interesting fish behaviors, hear stories of close encounters, and learn about species that are delicious and sustainable for eating! 
Session 1: Thursday, Apr 9, 7pm-8:15pm. Sign up here
Session 2: Friday, Apr 10, 7pm-8:15pm. Sign up here
Session 3: Saturday, Apr 11, 7pm-8:15pm. Sign up here
Webinar Cost: 
$15 per session, but for those financially affected in this time of hardship $10 (please write how much you would like to pay in the “notes” section of the reservation)
Webinar Link: After you sign up, you will get an automatic email acknowledging your sign up. Then we will manually confirm your reservation with the price you would like to pay, and you will get a separate Confirmation Email. This confirmation email will have the webinar link and details. You should receive this confirmation email on the day of the webinar. If you have not received this email by a few hours before the seminar, please let us know by calling Ocean Safari at 626-287-6283 or Gabriel at 626-862-6499.