Diving First Aid and Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

First aid knowledge incorporates more than just washing cuts and applying Band-Aids. We need to understand, prevent, and possibly treat injuries such as heat exhaustion, burns, neck/spinal injuries, and infections. Not only should we know general first aid, but knowing diving first aid can make your dive safer and more fun.

Some common diving injuries can occur from hazardous marine life, decompression sickness, hypothermia, hypercapnia, barotrauma and much more. In order to prevent these injuries, we need to learn the elements of each, be aware of the symptoms that may arise, and how to treat ourselves or others in the case that injures occur. Our seminar discusses each and other injuries in detail making sure our students get a strong understanding of the material by the time they finish the course. The more you know about the marine environment, the greater your chances of having safe, memorable dives. It also provides first aid skills to minimize these injuries and reduce discomfort.


This seminar is strongly recommended to be taken in conjunction with [CPR & AED] seminar, [Emergency Oxygen, Neurological Assessment, Field Assessment, and Blood Borne Pathogens] seminar, [Lost at Sea – Crisis Prevention and Management] seminar, and the [Rescue Diving Workshop] for a complete and well-rounded training consisting of both in-pool as well as in-class instruction.

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Course Material

- Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid: Ch 8 -18

- CPR Health Care Provider with First Aid: Ch 10-15

- First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries


We provide

All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructors
Certification card requires extra fee.


Students are responsible for
Note-taking material and writing utensils.