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Edible & Medicinal Seaweeds Field Seminar

“All seaweeds are edible, but not all are palatable” says Dr. Ryan Drum, who is considered one of the top medicinal algae experts in North America. Seaweeds have higher nutritional content than land plants, but we often overlook them as a food source from the ocean. Come dive with expert Haruka Ito to sustainably harvest seaweeds and learn to cook with them! 



Identify marine algae species

Establish sustainable and safe practices for harvesting seaweeds

Learn how to process harvested seaweeds for food/medicine use

Discuss the nutritional and medicinal values of marine algae


We Provide:

Guided dives led by biologist Haruka Ito

Prepared seaweed tastings

Hands on learning experience to immerse yourself in the world of seaweeds


Please Bring:

Own set of cup, plate, utensils (to help reduce waste)

Gallon sized zip-lock bag


Optional Items to Bring:

Fishing License with Ocean Enhancement Stamp (if you want to harvest)

Game Bag (for harvesting)

Underwater Slate and/or Camera for notes



Please call Ocean Safari at (626) 287-6283 to sign up!