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Fish Identification Seminar

Diving isn’t just about looking around and enjoying the scenery. It’s also about being able to describe and share your experience to others or to enhance your memory by keeping more detailed records your dive log. California marine life identification can be divided into two sections: fish life & invertebrate life. This class will focus on fish identification.

This seminar will help you recognize and identify some of the common species of fish found off the California coast, from the common Garibaldi to the elusive crevice kelpfish. You will also gain the tools and know-how to help you identify other species that are not covered in class. You will learn the anatomy and morphology characteristics of fish to help you describe various fish when talking with others or searching inside of an identification book.

This is one of the two-part marine life identification series that we offer, and is also a part of the Underwater Naturalist certification course. It can be taken on its own or as part of the certification.