Forest Bathing: Getting in Touch with Nature

Why does it always feel so good when you take a deep breath of fresh mountain air? Or when you wiggle your toes on a dewy lawn? What is it about nature that makes you feel so refreshed? Come out and discover the physiological and psychological reasons for these questions! We'll immerse ourselves in some fresh mountain air, and learn what's actually in it that makes our bodies feel so great. We'll also take maximum advantage of our retreat and let our minds and imaginations free as we sit, doodle, journal, and create while being nature powered. 

Things to Expect:
- Easy to Moderate walking
- May be at higher elevations
- Frequent stops to talk about local flora and fauna
- Creek and stream crossings possible
- Rest for 15-30 min to enjoy provided meal and drinks

We Provide:
- Hike guided by staff Naturalist
- Light meal and beverage featuring local plant ingredients
- Light to moderate exercise while being out in nature
- Educational enrichment to grow your appreciation for local environment

Please Bring:
- Water
- Extra cup for provided beverage
- Extra layers of clothing
- Hiking or running shoes (may get wet from water crossing)
- Waterproof jacket (if chance of rain)
- Sun protection & Insect repellent
- Small backpack to carry items
- Trash bag for picking up litter
- Hiking pole (optional)