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Intro to Marine Life Field Seminar

The Channel Islands are at the confluence of the cold California Current from the north and the warm Southern California Countercurrent from the south. The mixing of these two major current systems, along with upwelling that brings up nutrients, result in the exceptionally high species diversity and ecological richness of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. There is no better way to learn about marine creatures than while diving and exploring in this remarkably biodiverse area, sometimes dubbed “The Galapagos of North America.” 



Learn to identify a variety of marine creatures

Find commonly and uncommonly sighted animals underwater

Become familiar with characteristics that related animal phyla (groupings) share

Discuss interesting behaviors, life cycles, and characteristics of animals we encounter


We Provide:

Guided dives led by biologist Haruka Ito

Hands on learning about the ocean creatures we encounter underwater


Optional Items to Bring:

Enthusiastic spirit for underwater exploration!

Underwater camera to document animals we come across (optional)

Notebook to write down notes (optional)




Please call Ocean Safari at (626) 287-6283 to sign up!