Nitrox Scuba Diver Certification Course

Course objectives

Military and scientific divers base the use of Enriched air nitrox on nearly 40 years of successful use of the gas mixtures for hundreds of thousands of dives.  By reducing the amount of nitrogen and increasing the amount of oxygen in a diver’s breathing mixture, the “no-decompression” time limits can be extended, the amount of decompression time required could be reduced, and the amount of residual nitrogen remaining in the body following the dive is less.  Thus, EANx offers the greatest benefits to divers who wish to dive conservatively and reduce their risk of decompression sickness.  Upon successful completion of this course divers are certified to use EANx mixes in the range of 22% to a maximum 40% on open water dives.

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1 two-and-half-hour classroom sessions

2 open-water EANx dives (with O2 mixture between 22% to 40%)

Textbook home study


We provide

All lecture and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructor

NAUI Nitrox certification card


Students are responsible for

Skin diving equipment, scuba equipment and dive computer (available for rental), NAUI Nitrox Diver textbook, and boat fee.