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Openwater Photo Field Seminar (Series 3/3)

This course offers the hands-on underwater photography instruction that we so often hear divers tell us they wish they had. Whether you are learning how to more comprehensively utilize the settings on your camera, recently purchased an underwater camera or system, or would like to improve upon your photography efforts, this course addresses those wishes.  Accompanied by our photography expert, you’ll leave the classroom and the pool for an experiential learning opportunity on an Ocean Safari dive trip in local waters. This semi-private course has been intentionally designed for just 2-3 participants to provide you with individualized instruction based on your experience and your photography goals.

On the Dive:
- Ocean Safari Photographer will accompany you on 2 of the 3-4 tank dives (the number of dives will vary depending on the dive conditions and dive location)

- Camera set-up will be recommended to maximize opportunities to photograph expected marine life based on the current weather and dive conditions, the dive location, as well as the personal photography objectives of each participant.  For instance, it might be a macro photography kind of day or the weather and water conditions, combined with the marine life present, may be just right for wide angle big-picture opportunities. Your onsite photography expert will set you up for success!

- Participants will be filmed for further post dive review and learning opportunities.

- Onboard the boat, Between-Dive-Discussions with photographer will provide immediate opportunities for questions and feedback on any issues you are experiencing as you incorporate new learning and technique using your camera.

- Post-Dive opportunity for further feedback. Download, to a Dropbox Location, 1-2 of the photographs taken on the dive to receive either written feedback or a 15 minute phone call to discuss your images.