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Progressive Diving Program

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the workshops herein described, students will be able to practice free diving techniques, advanced scuba diving techniques, and safety precautions in the water so as to be better prepared for more challenging conditions worldwide.



2 three-hour [Advanced Scuba Technique] workshops in pool

2 three-hour [Free Diving Workshops] in pool

2 three-hour [Rescue Diving Workshops] in pool

1 three-hour [Aquatic Skills for Diving Competency] in pool 


We provide

All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructors

Facilities for all workshops, pool sessions


The Progressive Diving Program is one of two lifestyle programs Ocean Safari Outdoors dedicates to its community on a weekly basis, which combines skill-building and continuous conditioning with outdoors philosophy.


It is strongly recommended to be taken concurrently with the [Advanced Scuba Diver Certification Course] and select seminars (based on respective interests) for a complete and well-rounded training consisting of both in-pool as well as open-water instruction.


Further information is available upon inquiry.