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Rescue Diving Pool Workshop

Age minimum of 10 years old, same swimming ability as that of entering the basic [Scuba Diver

Certification] course, familiarity with basic snorkeling skills.


Curriculum includes (but not limited to)

2 three-hour pool sessions

Skin diving rescue

Scuba rescue

Skin diving self-rescue

Scuba self-rescue

Cramp release

Ranging and cross-referencing

Entries, Exits, and Carries

Tutorial and explanation of types of rescue equipment

Site risk and conditions awareness

Rescue breathing and transport

Rescue board usage and water extraction


We provide

All education and instruction conducted by highly experienced instructor

Facilities for all workshops, pool sessions


Students are responsible for

Skin diving equipment, scuba equipment


The Rescue Diving Workshop is featured as part of the [Progressive Diving Program] and is strongly recommended to be taken concurrently with the [Advanced Scuba Diver Certification

Course], the [CPR/AED] seminar, [Diving First Aid and First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries] seminar, the [Emergency Oxygen, Neurological Assessment, Field Assessment, and Blood Borne Pathogens] seminar, and [Lost at Sea – Crisis Prevention and Management] seminar for a complete and well-rounded training consisting of both in-pool as well as in-class and open-water instruction.