Seasonal Edible Blooms, Greens, and Plant Tastings

They say, "April showers bring May flowers." But in Southern California, winter storms bring early spring greens (many of which are edible!) and fragrant (edible) flowers bloom early summer. Delicious berries become abundant during summer. Autumn and winter provide staple nuts and seeds. There's a flavor for every season! On top of that, many invasive "weeds" are delicious, highly nutritious, and plentiful to add to our meals. Join us to discover local edible plants, learn how to grow or harvest plants sustainably, and learn about the art of eating seasonally! 

Examples of Season-specific Subthemes:
- Edible Spring Wild Greens
- Spring Edible Blooms
- Golden Hour Plant Tasting 
- Autumn Edible Berries
- Winter Hardy Plant Tasting

Things to Expect:
- Easy to Moderate walking
- Frequent stops to talk about local flora and fauna
- Creek and stream crossings possible
- Rest for 15-30 min to enjoy provided meal and drinks

We Provide:
- Hike guided by staff Naturalist
- Light meal and beverage featuring local plant ingredients
- Light to moderate exercise while being out in nature
- Educational enrichment to grow your appreciation for local environment

Please Bring:
- Water
- Extra cup for provided beverage
- Extra layers of clothing
- Hiking or running shoes (may get wet from water crossing)
- Waterproof jacket (if chance of rain)
- Sun protection & Insect repellent
- Small backpack to carry items
- Trash bag for picking up litter
- Hiking pole (optional)