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Tidepool Exploration

As the ocean tides go out, the rocky shores become exposed and trapped sea water form “tidepools.” When the tides rise again, the entire area becomes submerged and the tidepools become hidden. Numerous animals are adapted to live in constantly changing water levels of the intertidal zone, many of which cannot be encountered at depths where divers explore. You will have a guided, tidepooling and beachcombing experience to help you discover numerous organisms that cling, crawl, camouflage, and burrow in the tidepools. We will also discuss beach safety and entry and exit strategies for exploring further into the ocean (if and when you go snorkeling or scuba diving). A light healthy snack is also included with this one-of-a-kind outing!

Trip Objectives: 
- Identify the marine creatures that become visible at low tide
- Discover all the nooks and crannies where organisms hide
- Find and discuss edible seaweeds
- Learn about the ecological factors that make tidepools unique
- Practice beach/rocky shore safety analysis techniques
- Visit the ocean, gain knowledge, and enjoy healthy meal together!

Things to expect:
- Expect to get your feet wet, and wade in up to 1 ft of water
- You may get splashed/sprayed by the waves
- The beach is very rocky and slippery
- No dogs allowed on the beach

We Provide:
- A fun, educational trip hosted by the Ocean Safari team
- Expert marine biologist to guide the experience
- A light picnic meal and beverage enjoyed together

Items to bring: 
- Reusable cup (for provided drink)
- Sturdy, protective footwear
            -    Rubber/neoprene booties (such as dive booties) are highly recommended
            -    Dive booties rentals available for $3 from Ocean Safari. Please let us know if you need to borrow
            -    No flip flops please
            -    Keen sandals or other sturdy closed-toe sandals with rubber soles okay
- Full water bottle
- Flashlight (waterproof one is best)
- Towel
- Plastic bag for trash, wet items, etc.
- Sun protection (sunhat, sun screen)
- Gloves (rocks are sharp!) (optional)
- Notebook (optional)
- Camera (optional)