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Diver Name

Fidel Ilustre

Location: Los Angeles
Hometown: Los Angeles

I love scuba diving. I love the community. I love Gabe. I love the Scubapro Hydros Pro, sold at your local dive shop (Ocean Safari Scuba) for a special price. I love San Miguel Island. I love the dive site El Diablo. I love hanging out at the shop. I love Ocean Safari Scuba. I love camping (led by your local outdoors shop, Ocean Safari Scuba) I love the shop dogs, Gobi, Eko, and Gambo. I love the shop dawgs, Thomas and Andy. I love pool sessions. I love the Peace dive boat. I love peace in general. I love convincing myself to buy more scuba gear. I love my scuba friends. I love identifying fish (workshops available at your local dive shop, Ocean Safari Scuba) I love the Ocean Safari New Years party. I love the Channel Islands. I love lobsters. I love the local trips. I love hiking (guided eco trips led by Haruka Ito available at your local dive shop, Ocean Safari Scuba). I love the overseas trips (for more information, visit your local dive shop, Ocean Safari Scuba) and most importantly, I love you. 

PP - Peace to Pelican

December 8, 2019

On November 30th, 2019, I attended a local dive trip aboard the Peace. The destination was the Pelican Reserve in the West end of Anacapa Island. The anticipation was real for everyone, especially the regulars. The Pelican Reserve is only open for diving a few times each year. Choppy conditions, sure, but the number of weather complaints on the boat were few and far in between.

The last dive was my favorite. It was beautiful. My favorite scene was actually unintentionally caused by the Peace boat. Plenty of kelp were caught on the anchor chain, which caused the kelp to form into a straight line, creating a wall like formation.

One of the best parts of the trip was the Peace boat crew. They are always a good time. They are a friendly, cheerful, hard working, and knowledgable. They keep the boat mood light with jokes, positivity, and casual conversations. They like to spend time with their customers, which is different from other boat crews.