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Diver Name

Soo Seo

Occupation: Office Accountant / Graphic Designer
Location: San Gabriel
Hometown: South Korea

I started diving in 2003. I’m proud that I conquered a near-drowning experience that I had when I was young. Even after that experience, I still had the desire to explore and find out what’s underneath the water’s surface. The process of learning scuba diving and going out diving was something that could relieve loads of stress from me. From then on I worked really hard to improve on my skills and increase my comfort in the water. I love being underwater and breathing; I feel like a fish! I travel around the world and have logged over 700 dives. I love trying to take pictures of macro marine life in several different angles. My on-land profession is graphic designing, processing loads of Ocean Safari's underwater images, maintaing the website, and feeding Ocean Safari's kids/staff/dogs.

Lumpsucker and Skeleton shrimps @ Alaska

July 20, 2015

Lumpsucker and Skeleton shrimps.
Sept. 2013 Alaska
Sorry, Make you dizzy!

Sole fish

October 30, 2013

9/4/13 Alaska @ lumpsucker dive spot

Atlantic spiny lumpsucker

October 2, 2013

Super cute!