What is She Looking At?

Wonder what she is looking at. Maybe she spotted the Adventus/Ocean Safari both at the Scuba Show taking place right now at the Long Beach Convention Center. If you are at the show, please drop by Booth 413!

Eye-Catching Color

These pink soft coral are very, very pink... Even among all the colors of the tropical coral reef they are still rather eye-catching. 

Master of Camouflage

Here is a master of camouflage. If he had stayed put It would not have been so easy to spot him, but he seemed to get curious at my camera rig. He reared up his tentacles and came out of his hiding spot on the reef.

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Looking forward to this weekend's dive. We are scheduled to go to Anacapa Island aboard the Explorer from Ventura Harbor this Sunday. 

Family Activity

Diving is an activity a family can enjoy together. These happy looking kids are enjoying a sunny California day on a dive boat with their fathers. Many of the Ocean Safari divers enjoy going diving with their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other family members.