Are We Synchronized?

1... 2... 3... Go! We back-rolled in all together into the clear blue water to start another underwater adventure.

Beautiful Kelp Forest

One more picture from local Southern California dive. Diving in tropical water is nice, but I just love diving in the California coast. We don't have the colorful soft corals and the water is cold, but when the lighting is just right the kelp forest offers a breathtaking sight. This is from last spring at Anacapa.

Underwater Encounter

It is spring time and the weather is getting warmer. This means it is time to get back into our dive gear and explore the amazing underwater scenes of California. You just might get a hello from a friendly California sea lion! 

Let's Go See the Mantas!

The remote location of Socorro Island is synonymous with big fish action, particularly manta rays, varieties of sharks (hammerheads, silkies, oceanic whitetips, silvertips, Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks), pods of pelagic dolphins and humpback whales. Located 291 miles south of Cabo San Lucas, this surreal destination is considered to be the sister island of Galapagos. 

Are you a Tourist or an Adventurer?

You don't go to Komodo just to be underwater tourists. You go there to be underwater adventurer who enjoy taking on the current and surge.