After trying for years, we finally made it out to the Cortes Bank! We had such nice conditions - water was warm and calm, and the visibility was great. Thank you @horizoncharters for such a wonderful dive trip!

Traffic Jam in French Polynesia

We were happily swimming along, and then all of a sudden found ourselves in the middle of a traffic jam… of fish!


A fish whirlpool... or is it a fish roundabout? It was breathtaking to look up and see all these fish swirling above me.

Sea of Colors

Sea of colors! Crescent tail bigeye fish (Priacanthus hamrur) can change their body color from red, reddish brown, to silvery pink. Looks like these guys decided red was their color.

Raising Banners

We enjoyed our dives at beautiful French Polynesia. On this dive, we were welcomed by a school of longfin bannerfish (Heniochus acuminatus) as we descended down the clear, blue water to the coral reef.