These Fish Can Change Colors!

It took me 6 shots to get the sun in the right spot and angle with these crescent-tail bigeye (Priacanthus hamrur). After each shot the flash from my strobe made the scatter, but after about a minute of waiting quietly they would gather again. I saw some of them change color to more silvery color then back to red. I wondered if stress causes them to change color so I looked it up later. I found out they have ability to rapidly intensify or fade color and markings.

Congregating Under the Sea

Convict surgeonfish (Acanthurus triostegus) are found throughout the indo-pacific region. They commonly form large schools like this in shallow protected lagoons and around jetties. 

Another Pretty Scene from Komodo

A pretty scene with a couple of threadfin butterflyfish and glassfish swimming around black coral in Komodo. It is one of my favorite places to dive. The concentration and diversity of marine life in Komodo is simply amazing. Ocean Safari is planning a dive trip to Komodo in September 2019! 

Love is in the Water

This couple is one of Ocean Safari's regulars. They join us on many of our local California dives as well as overseas trips. They are such lovely couple. Do you see that the sunburst is in heart shape? It's not photoshopped. It just came out this way.

Underwater Highway

If your commute looked this pretty maybe you wouldn't mind it too much. Perhaps that's why these fish keep forming schools and swim along the reef.