So Many Awesome Dives...

Diving with dolphins in French Polynesia was memorable, but diving with whale sharks in Socorro was an awesome experience. They are such magnificent creatures.

Group of Bandits Underwater

Raccoon butterflyfish (Chaetodon lunula) is common throughout the Indo-Pacific region.  It is known to feed on soft-bodied invertebrates including nudibranchs and sea anemones. As you can see in this picture, it often seen in small aggregates around shallow coral reef.

Diving with Dolphins in French Polynesia

Remembering the amazing dive with the wild dolphins in French Polynesia. This was definitely one of the most unique and memorable experience in my long diving career. 

Tropical Sunset

Just another beautiful day at sea. We need to take the time to relax and appreciate quiet moment like this. 

All Smiles and Full of Curiosity

During most of our travels in the remote regions of the South Pacific, we are often visited by kids and moms who row out from the village in their canoes. They bring lots of smiles and curiosity with them. They also bring fresh produce - organically grown in their garden!