Another Nice Day at Santa Barbara

We enjoyed another great trip to Santa Barbara Island on the Peace Dive Boat. Swimming through the kelp forest with the sunlight filtering in through the canopy is so relaxing. We were also greeted by playful sea lions. Thank you Peace crew for a wonderful day!

What I'm Looking Forward to...

Next weekend we will head out to Santa Barbara Island on the Peace Boat. Looking forward to swimming through the kelp forest and playing with the sea lions.

Countless Anthias

One more picture from the Brigh Waters dive trip. We enjoyed diving the walls, pinnacles, channels, etc. The spectacular coral reef surrounded by countless anthias.

Cool Palette

Fiji also has beautiful soft coral, but I think the colors are a little different from those in Indonesia. Here is a shot from our dive trip to the Bligh Water. The darker pink soft coral, surrounded by countless pink anthers, against a backdrop of cool blue water gave the scene an overall cool feeling.

Into the Tube

Tube dwelling anemones are similar to sea anemones, but they belong to a separate subclass of anthozoans. They are solitary, and typically live buried in soft sand or sediments. They create tubes created from mucous and threads of nematocyst-like material they secrete to retreat into when disturbed. They are commonly found in many parts of the world, but you still admire them from time to time because they look so pretty swaying in the current/surge.