Photographer Adam Beard in action! The Solomon Islands trip was such a great trip. Thank you Adam and Carmen!!

Dancing Sunlight


One of the signature dives at Solomon Islands. Swim throughs with series of chambers. It was breathtaking to swim into the beams of sunlight.

Mysterious Deep

The upright wreck of Taiyo was a good subject for the 8mm fisheye lens. Here is a shot of a diver approaching the wheelhouse of the mysterious shipwreck to investigate.

Coral All Around

A 180 degree reefscape in Solomon Islands with sunburst. We saw some really beautiful coral reefs.

180 degrees!!

With our peripheral vision we can see about 180 degrees around us. We don’t need to make any adjustments or have special lighting. Taking a 180 degree view photograph is not as easy. It was so hard to compose the shot and get the lighting just right using the 8mm circular fish-eye lens. This is one of the shots I am happy with. An unusual upright shipwreck - the wreck of Taiyo sits vertically on a reef wall. Looking down from the bow of the ship, you can see straight down the deck below.