Safety First

Yes, it's lobster season. It is exciting to go on a hunt, but don't get carried away. Monitor your depth and air, and make sure you have your safety equipment ready.

Going Back to School

Once you learn to control your breathing, you can quietly approach and swim with a school of fish. In tropical waters you see large school of jacks like in this image. In California you see schools of blacksmiths, smelt, and sardines. Time to get wet and enjoy the peaceful underwater world.

Fall Season is Here!!!

Every year I look forward to the fall season. It is undoubtedly the best season to dive in California. It's usually the most comfortable time to dive. The water temperature stays relatively warm and the visibility can often exceed 80 feet. It's also the time of the year when the kelp forest is most luscious.

Our Bright Orange Fish

Quietly spying on a #garibaldi, the state marine fish of California. This image is also from the two day trip to Santa Barbara Island aboard the Peace Dive Boat.

Going on an Adventure

Going on a little adventure! A group of Ocean Safari divers carefully swim through the very surge cavern at Santa Barbara Island.