Santa Barbara on Peace!

Swimming through the kelp forest and playing with sea lions. Gotta love diving at Santa Barbara Island. We had a great time in and out of the water on our two-day trip aboard the Peace.


A huge cloud of fish wrapping around coral reef like an asteroid belt. Sometimes the underwater world reminds me of scenery from a science fiction movie.

Blowing Bubbles at Dive Buddy

Here is my dive buddy looking at me through my bubble ring with an amused look. I just love blowing bubble rings.

Rewards for Your Efforts

Many divers head to Indonesia, but not too many will make it out to Spice Islands because it is simply too remote. If you get a chance to dive there, you are rewarded for your efforts with amazing sights like this.

Clear Water

Looking up from the reef and seeing the boat and the clouds in the sky through the water. Visibility like this is uncommon in California, but it's what you expect when you go diving in the tropical waters.