Weekly Guided Nature Hike

Led by Biologist Haruka Ito

Hikes happening weekly (weekday mornings).
Start your day off right with healthy breakfast and exercise in nature!
Next hikes: July 6, 13, and 27
Call Ocean Safari at 626-287-6283 to sign up for the next one.

Did you know that with over 6000 native plant species, California has the most diverse plant life of all the US and Canada? Plus, over 2000 of those species are found no where else in the world. Come out and learn about the numerous native plants and animals that inhabit our mountains! We will even forage and eat some of the plants, and discuss their medicinal uses. You will have a guided, educational hike with light breakfast and drink included. The healthy meal may feature seasonal wild edible plants.

Identify plants and animals of the San Gabriel mountains

Find local edible plants

Establish sustainable and safe practices for wild-harvesting

Discuss medicinal and cultural uses of plants

Discover the health benefits of spending time in nature

Start the day off fresh with a nature walk, light learning, and healthy breakfast!

We Provide:

Expert nature guide, Haruka Ito

Light Sack Breakfast, featuring seasonal and wild foods

Tea/Infused Water/Lemonade featuring wild edible plants

Please Bring Your Own:

Empty Canteen (for the provided drink/tea)

1L Water (minimum)

Day Pack/Back pack (to put your sack food and drink)

Sturdy shoes

Sun Hat

Sun Screen

Optional Items to Bring:

Hiking pole


Notebook and pencil


Suggested donation of $10

Seaweed Seminar at San Miguel Island

“All seaweeds are edible, but not all are palatable” says Dr. Ryan Drum, who is considered one of the top medicinal algae experts in North America. Seaweeds have higher nutritional content than land plants, but we often overlook them as a food source from the ocean. Come dive with expert Haruka Ito to sustainably harvest seaweeds and learn to cook with them!



Identify marine algae species

Establish sustainable and safe practices for harvesting seaweeds

Learn how to process harvested seaweeds for food/medicine use

Discuss the nutritional and medicinal values of marine algae


We Provide:

Guided dives led by biologist Haruka Ito

Prepared seaweed tasting


Please Bring:

Fishing License with Ocean Enhancement Stamp

Game Bag

Gallon sized zip lock bag

Underwater Slate and/or Camera for notes




Only 4 spaces available, call the shop to sign up! 

Family Fun

Our future star diver posing with one of our instructors with proud mom looking on. Diving is an activity a family can enjoy together.

Beautiful Underwater Forest

At San Clemente Island we enjoyed diving among the young giant kelp forest. The crew on Horizon dive boat told us much of the kelp had died out in the last few years, but the kelp forest is finally coming back and looking healthy. Looking forward to a thicker and even more luscious kelp forest when we go back there next time (our next planned trip to San Clemente is 7/30/17 aboard Westerly). 

Fuzzy Kelp

We saw colonies of Bugula netitina (brown bryozoan) on many of the giant kelp blades at San Clemente Island. They are called moss animals. Yep, they are invertebrate animals.