Playing with Underwater Puppies

You can usually count on a visit from curious and playful California sea lion pups when you dive at Santa Barbara Island. We are heading out to Santa Barbara Island on September 21. Do you want to come with us?

Resident Turtles

So I was taking with a NOAA biologist a few weeks ago, and he said hundreds of sea turtle are now Southern California residents! Have you seen one here?

Photo courtesy of Mike Brock

It's Colorful Under the Water in California!

So many people seem to think California diving lacks color. Well, here is a picture that proves them wrong! Look at the vibrant colors of the red gorgonian and California golden gorgonians against the backdrop of blue water with silhouette of kelp.

Photo courtesy of Mike Brock

Fine, Ignore Me...

These Cortes sea chub were so busy grazing on the seaweed on this rock that they didn’t seem to notice I was there. My existence was not important at all… food comes first! Lol

Hi There!

Hi, I am a Mexican hog fish, I love to be the center of attention!