Posing with Cuttlefish

This friendly cuttlefish didn’t mind sharing the rare photo shoot opportunity with Ronny, our handsome Arenui Senior Dive Master, and our team of beautiful underwater model.

Jetty Life

Bima, a small port in the far end of our world, seldom sees foreign visitors. These shots capture the life on a jetty in Indonesia. All the workers, fishermen, and bystanders gave us curious looks as we boarded our dive yacht, Arenui, with our dive gear and luggage. I wonder what was going through their minds. We really had a lot of “stuff” with us. We really are lucky to be able to experience the world with so much more comfort than others.

Explosion of Colors

So many colors in this one corner of the coral reef. Beautiful and healthy reef like this is a typical scene you see around the Coral Triangle. This is why we keep going back to dive there year after year.

Sea Fans of Coral Triangle

Look at the size of this sea fan! One of the things you can expect to see in many of the dive sites in the Coral Triangle is beautiful and large sea fans. This one was simply massive.

Crowned Coral Reef

The bright yellow feather star capped this reef like a crown. Practically every inch of this rock was covered with invertebrate life - hydroids, sponges, tunicates, and more feather stars. It’s no wonder the Coral Triangle is such a popular dive destination. The marine biodiversity and beauty of the underwater scene in the region is simply stunning.