I think they are in love…

Spot-fin porcupinefish (Diodon hystrix) is found in and around coral and rocky reefs at depths up to 445ft. There are 7 species in the genus Diodon; 4 are found in Mexican waters, 1 in the Atlantic, 1 in the Pacific and 2 in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This pair was photographed in Sea of Cortez, swimming after each other around a rock.

Playing with Underwater Puppies

Sea lions are the most playful of all the animals I have encountered in the sea. They are full of energy and curiosity! I can just play “Marco Polo” with them all day long. We are very lucky to have an abundant population of California sea lions here in our backyard. Have you ever played with them?

'Splosion of Fish!

Let’s Dive into the blue sphere with explosion of fish!

Great Wall of...

There are many “great walls” out there. Underwater, instead of walking over or climbing it, you can dive into it and fly over it! It’s not just the underwater life that interests us. There are so many majestic scenery beneath the surface that can take your breath away.

Channel Islands Dive Sites Webinar

Part 4 of the four-part webinar series on the Channel Islands. In this webinar, Follow Gabe on a virtual tour of the most beautiful and secret dive sites of our beloved Channel Islands.

Sun, June 14, 3pm-4pm 
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