Huge Sea Fan at Tubbataha

Like other dive sites in the Coral Triangle, the coral reef of Tubbataha was so beautiful and full of life. Aside from beautiful coral and schools of fish, the huge sea fans like these were also memorable. 

Love is in the Water~ Part 2



Just like the diver couples diving together around them, these two longfin bannerfish (Heniochus acuminatus) were enjoying each other’s company at Tubbataha Reef, Philippines. These fish are often confused with the Moorish idol and schooling bannerfish, but there are a few distinguishing characteristics. It has a shorter snout and smaller chest than Moorish idol, and it has a dark rectangle between the eyes. They are usually found solitary or in pairs like Moorish idols, but schooling bannerfish usually form large aggregate.

Love is in the Water~

This couple found a heart shaped osculum in the sponge. Diving can enhance your relationship with your loved one. :)

Tiny Bubbles

Underwater bubble merman, Sam Yang… This picture makes me think of Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles…

? Tiny bubbles ~

? In the wine ~

? Make me feel happy ~

? Ah, they make me feel fine ~??

Say Cheese!

Ocean Safari assitant manager/ Philippines expedition leader Andy Rios enjoy the wreck dive with his better half.