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Katelyn Helmuth

La Verne, CA

Nothing compares to the underwater world. Just after 3 dives, I'm eager to learn more. I can't wait to explore new places and take on new adventures with Ocean Safari. By far, an amazing group of people.  ...

Diver Name

Martin Johnson

La Crescenta

I was certified in 1969 when I was 12 years ole and dove on a regular basis with the "Chickens of the Sea" dive club. I then dove every now and then for the next 45 years until I decided to get back into diving. So now I dive one boat dive a month, no beach dives. Underwater video is my passion now.  ...

Diver Name

Andre Poon

Davis, CA.

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” -Prof. Carl Sagan   Curiosity, in my opinion, is the hallmark of higher intelligence, as evident in other animals in our environment. It’s safe to say, we all have a natural tendency to understand the unknown to a certain degree, since as a species, our momentous success in establishing ourselves in nature can be attributed to our ancestor’s capability to utilize tools to adapt swiftly to the diverse environments they were exposed to. Scuba diving offered another window at which I could further explore the biodiversity that exists around me, and as a biologist, I was predisposed to the notion of discovery and exploration. “Everything makes sense in light of evolution.”, and since evolution essentially goes hand in hand with ecology, marine biology and ecology, thus I quickly became fond of scuba diving, both as a sport and as a means of exploration.    With recent developments in our climate, and referencing how society has been treating our environment in the past, I believe that I have the unspoken responsibility to inspire, educate, and take action. As a biologist, I hold more knowledge in the area of biology then the common folk, thus I believe that I am ethically responsible to warn and notify others, who are unaware of the threats, regarding the importance of environmental preservation. The climate is changing, and to simply ignore empirical evidence due to personal beliefs and ideologies, whilst willfully sacrificing the environment - with all it’s diversity, beauty, and possibilities - or in other words, sacrificing life, is unethical. Thus, I try to advocate for the ocean mainly by documenting organisms that I encounter visually, and by collecting trash that I find while diving.    ...

Diver Name

Eric Tsai


  Nature is where I love, and there is no words can express my feeling for that. Seasick is Painful, though.      ...

Diver Name

Kalvin Lo


I want to know how it feel to be strong............ ...

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Roeland Papen

San Juan Capistrano

Thanks to Victor, I met this great group of Ocean Safari. ...

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Lars Dennert


I prefer filtered air. ...

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Ruben Escamilla

Sylmar, California

I love diving with Ocean Safari Scuba. They are truly nice guys. They want you to succeed in diving.  ...

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Ann Drummond

La Canada Flintridge

I started diving March 2017.  After a brief 10 months in New Jersey (diving sucked there) I am back!  I get real cranky if I am not in the ocean.  Love the feeling of hitting that water no matter the conditions!  Aw.  Love diving with the Ocean Safari crew. ...

Diver Name

Ray Liu


Taiwanese  ...

Diver Name

lei xu


My name is Lei, I have been diving with Ocean Safari for almost 4 years, I love taking photos underwater,  ...

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Cynthia Kan


I started diving with Ocean Safari in 2016. Through the guidance of Andy and the rest of the OS team, I overcame my fear of the water and have grown to love diving!  ...

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Erik Lu

West Covina

Started diving in 2014. Love being underwater. Cold or warm. Shallow or deep. Good or bad visibility. Would like to dive with whales one day. Or orcas. ...