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Keith Chu


PADI Dive Master GUE Cave 1 UW Photographer ...

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Mark Perlstein

Los Angeles

My passion for diving has only increased since my first SCUBA dive in the summer of 1960. ...

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Richard Aceves


an old guy who likes to dive ...

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Johnson Teh


Dive Master based in Asia (SG. HK, HK, Australia), but do travel often to LA, SFO and San Deigo often (once every two months), so will love to max out time underwater and try diving in Northern Hemisphere. Had logged over 500 dive without drama since the 90s and is keen to meet new buddy and learn new stuffs about local dive sites in USA. Hope to meet up someday.  ...

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Anna D

Los Angeles

I love OceanSafary dive team!   ...

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Andrew Chan

South Pasadena

Love diving in those far off places. Can’t beat the Ocean Safari “arenui” experience! Waiting for the next one. ...

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Jonathan Dawang


I did not know that doing scuba meant getting wet. Well too late, Ocean Safari said, "No Refunds". I'm not sure I agree when they told me this fact was self evident, it was never mentioned during the entire signup process. At least every body in the shop was real nice.  Lesson learned, will do more reaserch before signing up for something nextime. I'm just hoping we won't be required to wear funky rubber suits and oversized web boots, that would be horrible. Who would want to walk around looking like a cross between an Orca and a Duck. Well lets see, I am very hopefull and sure that every thing will turn for the better. ...

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Karin Avila

New York

Hello! I recently took my first Ocean Safari trip. I obtained my DM cert through OS in 2012. I'm interetsed in joining the Community to share stories and photos from the recent Sea of Cortez trip.  ...

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Andrew Moore

Pasadena, CA

I started scuba diving in 1997 in Southern California. I have had the goof fortune to dive in New Zealand , S Korea, Yucatan , Sea of Cortez, Dominica, Puget Sound, Hawaii, Florida and extensively in Channel Islands. Very happy to have found Ocean Safari and their knowledgable staff. Looking forward to many future adventures! ...