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Matthew Hsieh


I am a young man who love ocean ...

Diver Name

Garret Ng

San Diego

I love to go diving with my friends. They are always there with me, because my friends are the fish. I hope you will be my friend, and go diving with me too. My greatest strength is my ability to be seen underwater.   Scuba-duba-dooooo!!! ...

Diver Name

Gunnar Fröberg


I have been diving since I was 16 yo and I have been all over the world. I have just started to explore Californian waters.  ...

Diver Name

Aaron Lyon

Los Angeles

For me, diving is an opportunity to fly through a magical alien world full of fascinating shapes colors and creatures. Scuba is a particularly fantastic nature experience, and now that it is a part of my life, I would feel incomplete without it. ...