Flaming Sea Fan

The rich, bright colors of the sea fan on this reef caught my attention during one of the dives at Forgotten Islands. There are not too many places like this where you can enjoy such amazing biodiversity.

The Colors of Forgotten Islands

Clear blue water, huge barrel sponges and colorful soft coral. Just from looking at the colors you can tell this photo was taken in the Coral Triangle. Forgotten Islands is one of my favorite places to dive. Simply amazing dives.


My beautiful and very obliging underwater model let me practice the sunburst shot with slave strobe lighting up her face. It is a very difficult shot. 1) I need to orient myself so that her body is blocking the sun, but the sun ray is visible around her. 2) The angle of the slave strobe must be perfect - it needs to be angled so that it is triggered by my strobe, but at the same time it needs to light the subject. I think it took over 10 shots to make it work… and, yes, she is holding her breath for the shot. You can see in her expression that she is losing her patience… lol

Show Off!

The sea lions like to show off their agility. They probably think scuba divers are so clumsy!

Fish or Confetti?

Is this fish or confetti? Just look at how dense this school of reef fish is. It’s practically a wall of fish!