Proof of Enlightenment!

I have been wondering… Can you attain enlightenment when you reach a certain point in diving? I captured this rare proof of such a phenomenon at Forgotten Islands, Indonesia. My good friend, Dive Master Sam Yang, was seen with a bright halo around his head!

All kidding aside, I think this is a pretty cool photo :)

Smart Sun Protection

Talk about sun protection! These three beautiful ladies are waiting for the other divers in their group to come back up. The sun is strong in Southeast Asia,  but not to worry! They seek refuge under the umbrella provided by the thoughtful crew of Arenui Liveaboard.

Going Back for More

This is from our last dive trip to Sea of Cortez in September 2012, where we visited these sea lions. The pups were very playful and we enjoyed swimming with them. We are going back to Sea of Cortez this September. Hopefully we will meet another group of playful sea lions.

Soft Barrels Underwater

It’s amazing how big these barrel sponges (Xestospongia testudinaria) can grow. This species is found in the Philippines, Australia, western and central Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Malaysia, and New Caledonia.

Bubu... No, I didn't hurt myself...

In Alor, Indonesia, many fishermen still use bubu, traditional fish trap made of woven bamboo and rattan. They come in variety of shapes, but the one I saw was cylindrical with one open end that is narrowed inward. The fish swim inside through the narrow and elongated entrance. Once inside, the fish rarely finds its way out. The fishermen just drop them in without lines or floats, wait a few days, and then simply swim down to retrieve them.