Territorial Sheep

California sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher) live in the kelp forests and rocky reefs of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from Monterey Bay, California, to the Gulf of California, Maxico. All California sheephead are born female, but they may become male if the dominant male of the harem dies or leaves. This image of is taken by one of Ocean Safari’s leading instructors.

New Year Greeting!

Happy New Year Everyone!

New year, new dive trip plans. The Ocean Safari divers are getting ready to dive all over Southern California again this year, starting on January 15th. We also have overseas trips planned. More dives, more adventures, more friends, and more pictures!

I Caught a Lionfish by Surprise

I think this lion-fish is looking right at me. It's almost like he was casually swimming aomg and suddenly noticed I was there with my camera ready. He looks rather surprised. 


Time: 11am-3pm, Saturday January 7, 2017. Rain or shine!
Location: Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area, Irwindale
Look for OCEAN SAFARI banner
Ocean Safari Dive Team members, their friends, family, & pets. (All pets must be on leash)

Eating, talking, & relaxing w/OSDT.

Slide Shows & Video Shows.

Fishing (The lake is stocked with rainbow trout constantly; please bring your freshwater fishing license.)

Excellent bicycle and walking trails around the lake & natural area.

Drawing will be held to give away prizes value totaling over $1000.00 (Prizes donated by Ocean Safari & various manufacturers.)

This event is a Pot Luck, so please bring one dish sufficient for serving 5-6 people & beverages for self consumption or to share. (No Alcohol allowed please) 

Want to BBQ? No problem! We will prepare a BBQ fire grill at the location. You are welcome to bring different kinds of meat and vegetables to cook over the grill! 

There is no charge for our party. However, there is an entry fee of $10.00 per car load for day use of the park. If you wish to save some money, you can carpool. 

For everybody’s convenience, please arrive no later than 11:30am so we may prepare for the feast. If you arrive later than the assigned time, the food will most likely be consumed and you will have to eat what you have brought.

What You'd Expect to See

Over the years I have travelled all over the world to dive, but Raja Ampat remains at the top of my list of favorite dive destinations. Everything you'd expect when diving in the tropical waters is here: colorful reef with soft and hard coral, beautiful (and warm) blue water, and large school of fish. The biodiversity and concentration of marine life in this area is simply amazing. The remoteness of the location and the fact the diving condition here is often a little more challenging compared to many of the other popular dive destination also appeals to me.