Looking for Big Things

Socorro Island and Cabo Plumo Diving Expedition is our first overseas trip of 2018. We are looking forward to swimming with the big marine animals like this manta rays and humpback whales!

2018 Rescue Seminar Series

Rescue Seminar Series in January
1/13 - Lost at Sea Seminar - Crisis Prevention and Management
1/20 - Emergency Oxygen Administration and Neurological Assessment

1/21 - Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber Tour 

January and February - Time to Plan and Prepare for a New Year of Diving!

We are starting off our rescue seminar series with Lost at Sea seminar. We will discuss crisis prevention and management. Then, we will continue with our Emergency Oxygen Administration and Neurological Assessment seminar. 

Our first dive of 2018 is our "Chamber Day" - two drift dives followed by a tour of Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber

Please call us for more details.

Sea Lions vs Harbor Seals

I was discussing sea lions and harbor seals with a friend the other day. Our conclusion: sea lions are like puppies and harbor seals are like cats. They are both curious, but sea lions would swim up to you almost within reach to zoom by and frolic around you, and the harbor seals would keep their distance and observe you from afar. Once in a while a bold harbor seal would sneak up to you and play with your fins.

One More Trip!

We will try to squeeze in one more dive trip before the end of the year. We are hard core California divers. We don't mind a little bit of chill in the air (water temp doesn’t change that much)!

Looking for the Orange Fish

California’s state marine fish, garibaldi (Hypsypops rubicundus), seem to know they are protected. They are not afraid of divers (a male will actually try to chase you out of his territory). This also means they are often out in the open and very easy to observe. Our last scheduled trip of 2017 is this Sunday. We are virtually guaranteed garibaldi sighting. Hoping for black sea bass sighting to wrap up the year!