Guided Nature Hike - Led by biologist Haruka Ito

Start your day off right with healthy breakfast and exercise in the mountains!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 from 6:00am to 9:00am

Call Ocean Safari for details and to sign up!

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life present in an ecosystem. For example, a rainforest has high biodiversity with its abundance of trees, vines, birds, mammals, and insects. You may not think about a concrete jungle such as Los Angeles as having high biodiversity. However, our San Gabriel Mountains are part of the California Floristic Province, which is one of the 35 biodiversity hotspots of the world. To be considered a hotspot, the area must contain more than 1500 plant species found nowhere else on earth (endemic species) and have lost more than 70% of the original habitat. The California Floristic Province has over 2000 endemic plant species, 17 endemic animal species that are threatened, and only 25% of the original wilderness remaining. We live at the foothills of such an important ecosystem, so unique that only 34 other places in the world can claim the same title.

It’s time that YOU come out and learn about the numerous native plants and animals that inhabit our mountains. We will even forage and eat some of the plants, and discuss their medicinal uses. You will have a guided, educational hike with light breakfast and drink included. The healthy meal may feature seasonal wild edible plants.



Identify plants and animals of the San Gabriel mountains

Find local edible plants

Establish sustainable and safe practices for wild-harvesting

Discuss medicinal and cultural uses of plants

Discover the health benefits of spending time in nature

Start the day off fresh with a nature walk, light learning, and healthy breakfast!


We Provide:

Expert nature guide

Light Sack Breakfast, featuring seasonal and wild foods

Tea/Infused Water/Lemonade featuring wild edible plants


Please Bring Your Own:

Empty Canteen (for the provided drink/tea)

Water Bottle (if you also want water)

Day Pack/Back pack (to put your sack food and drink)

Light jacket/sweater for cool mornings

Sturdy shoes


Optional Items to Bring:

Hiking pole




Suggested donation of $10

Kelp Forest is Back!

Diving into a forest of young giant kelp. This is what you want to see when you dive in Southern California. The kelp is coming back and looking healthy! This is at 80 feet of water at San Clemente Island last weekend. We expect to see beautiful canopy of giant kelp when we go back to San Clemente in July.

Protect the Purple Hydrocoral

This is a great article written by Clarissa Wei, one of our fellow divers. As her article mentions, we have seen an alarming decline in purple hydrocoral over the years. As many of you know, Dan Stephens has been spearheading our project to estabish mooring buoys at Farnsworth Bank. Our online petition has collected nearly 15,000 signatures and the Ocean Protection Council has agreed to provide funding, but the project still faces more challenges.

Some Peace and Quiet

A peaceful sunset in the Solomon Islands. This picture is from our previous trip to the Solomon Islands. We are going back there in November of 2018. Check our website for details!

Alien Creature

Xenocarcinus tuberculatus (Xeno crab, whip coral crab). They look like some kind of alien creatures. These tiny crabs are typically found clutching onto a whip coral (thus the common name whip coral crab). They come in a wide range of colors to match the color of the host coral. You have to look carefully to find one.