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Rosie Lee

Brea, CA

I certified with Ocean Safari at the age of 14 and have loved diving ever since. In my 15 years of diving, I have only dived with OS. You can call me a diehard OS fan. I did my first overseas trip with Gabe in 2013 to Indonesia and LOVED it. Diving has given so much to me; friends, life long memories, a dive family, and the opportunity to see the world in a whole different way. I even met my best friend and dive buddy on one of my first dive trips, we have been diving together ever since and I was even there for her underwater proposal!  Although I don't get to dive as much as I want to, I day dream about it all the time. Oh how I love the smell of wet suits and the bone cold chilling California waters. No really, I do. Some of my best adventures in life were with the Ocean Safari dive team. When you get a chance, as me about the hike and the bee hive, the coldest dive at San Miguel, the chase for hammer heads, how I survived a "shark attack", or the night dive in Indo where I learned to ALWAYS carry a dive knife.  I received a new GoPro as a present last year and I hope to capture some amazing adventures soon. I currently work for Discovery Science Center as their Volunteer Services Manager and I am loving every single moment of it. If you have never been, hit me up!  I have a Criminology, Law, & Society degree from UCI and am currently pursuing my MBA with a emphasis on organizational leadership.  Once I get a breather from school my goal is to dive as much as I can. See you underwater! ...

Diver Name

David Chow


David: An avid scuba diver with a Master Diver Certification An adventure traveler with a deep love for photography Has taken an array of photographic memoires from under the sea and up on  land. Distinguished photography awards in 2013 and 2015: * MPSA - Master PSA (Photography Society of America) * AFIAP from FIAP (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE) * GPU CROWN4 from G.P.U. (Global Photographic Union) ...

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Garrett Lu

Los Angeles, CA

There are no words for how the ocean makes me feel. ...

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Summy Lu

San Gabriel, CA

The best advice someone gave me is to learn scuba diving. It's a life changing experience and I am still loving it to this day. Living beyond bounds, what can one person in the whole wide world could have asked for? Life on land is amazing, but life underwater is simply magnificent. Ocean Safari makes it happen for me. ...

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Ralph Litton

Alhambra, CA

I am PADI dive master and have been a certified scuba diver since 1982. I have competed most of the PADI & NAUI specialties and make over 100-dives per year. I feel we are blessed here in Southern California with some of the best dive spots in the world. I enjoy boat diving in the Channel Islands, both North and South and have dived sites all the way out to the Cortez Banks and Northern Mexico. I also dive occasionally from the beach or Casino Point dive park. In my full time professional life, I work as Accountant in healthcare systems consulting completing my training at UCLA. I hope to dive with you soon! Thank you! ...

Diver Name

Eko [ek-oh] Chang

Temple City

Known as the quiet one, Eko has been with Ocean Safari Since 2012. Packed with big paws and a bigger heart, Eko is always greeting people with that smile of his. Although Eko is pretty fit, don't make fun of his weight because he's sensitive about it. You can catch him at the shop following Andy around so be sure to say hi. ...

Diver Name

Elliott Cheung


I started diving in my first year of high school and started off in Ocean Safari. It's been almost 6 years and it is still the one of things I love doing the most. College has got me on a bit of a hiatus and all I can think of is "Damn, when's the next time I can go diving"  ...

Diver Name

Ted Villa


Ocean safari has been the best dive shop I have ever been with.i love to dive with people I know , and who know me. Hope to see you all on future adventures ...

Diver Name

HT Dang

Where I sleep tonight

Lover, Diver, Poet.     ...

Diver Name

Ivy Qiu

Male, Maldives

I love diving because I was enchanted by the mysterious underwater world and it is the only place that can satisfiy my adventurous and inquisitive mind; I enjoy it :)  "Live, Laugh and love life" - Ivy Qiu    ...

Diver Name

Alexander Rynerson


To be continued. ...

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Brittany Tran

San Gabriel

I just know that you and I and the ocean will be AWESOME together (: ...

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John Orange

Orange County

Diving provides the best life experiences that Judy and I share together. ...

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Eric Anderson

Scotts Valley, CA

I've been diving since January 2013 thanks to my wife who got me certified for my 25th birthday. I have always had a passion for the water though, and I spent all of my childhood in the creeks and rivers near my hometown. I served 5 years in the USMC Infantry and am now a father, a full time student and work part time at Hallcrest Vineyards here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I made my first trip to the Channel Islands in November of 2013 with my father-in-law. After 4 days on the Peace I was addicted and had to get back. I made a trip to Santa Rosa Island with Ocean Safari on March 9th of this year and enjoyed diving with this great group of experienced divers. Gabriel was very inviting to my brothers and I and we had a great time with his group. We have signed up for the June 1st trip to San Miguel and can't wait to get back on board the Peace and experience what San Miguel has to offer.   ...

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Dan Stephens

Agoura Hills

Hi, I am Dan. I have recently been certified through Padi and have been very fortunate to have found Ocean Safari Outdoors where I have purchased most of my gear. I have always been around the ocean either surfing, sailing or participating in rough water swims, but once I made my first ventures beneath the waves did I realize that this was just too wonderful of a place to miss in this lifetime. I have had many great adventures traveling the world, but it is the underwater world that has captured and humbled me. I look forward to one day having a chance to dive with you. Cheers ...

Diver Name

Pei Shih


~Water is part of my oxygen. Ocean is my playground. Sea animals are my best play buddies.~ Scuba diving leads me to start journey of amazing uw adventure and explore colorful and funky marine life. My heart is pumping for those beauties when I get closer and closer~ There is no traffic sign and freedom is there no matter where I go. Just don't have too much fun like me~ :) Always fun while diving with friendly divers and ocean safari crew~ Certified 2007, Pei pei ...

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Gary Hsu

West Covina, CA

I've been interested in the ocean for as long as I can remember. As soon as I could, I began to dive and never regretted that decision. ...

Diver Name

Hao L

Sherman Oaks

I just got started diving, hoping to do alot more over the coming years with Ocean Safari. I love being underwater. Nothing clouds my mind and I can just focus on the dive and my environment. ...